Friday, October 30, 2009

It's 10:00 PM - Do you know what your toddlers are doing?

Allie and Anna are still awake in their cribs. I've been listening to them over the monitor now for over an hour. Allie slept until 8:50 this morning. Can you believe that? That's probably why she is still awake but Anna? Anna should be asleep by now.

I do like listening in to their conversations. Anna was practicing for tomorrow.

"Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat."

Yes, I taught them that.

And the other night, Anna was making some of the funniest comments. "I'm feeling good, Em-o-ee. I'm feeling really good. We go to the beach, Em-o-ee. Maybe we get a hotdog." Should I be worried about their memory? They remember stuff from months ago. And yes, the "Em-o-ee" is her saying Emily. She just started pronouncing it that way.

* Potty training update: This morning (and by morning I mean early, early morning when the rest of the world is still sleeping) marked the third one in a row that Emily has told me that she needed to do peeps on the potty. Allie woke up with a dry diaper on this morning and peeped on the potty as well. I didn't really have a chance to speak with Grammy this evening before she left but she sent me an email later informing me that Emily peeped three more times on the potty and then she did it again for me before bath. So we are making progress. Yippee!

Allie is behind with only twice today but she did inform the neighbor's dog of her achievements.

*Sleeping update: I was trying to convince the girls to stay in their cribs tonight so that we could participate in Halloween because only big kids can wear costumes and hand out candy. Do I think it's going to work? Nope. I spent half of last night sleeping with Em AND Anna on the couch cushion bed. And the best was when Em's sippy cup of water leaked out all over the cushion and the arm of my t-shirt and I had to sleep that way.

I told Rich that although it is not the best for actually sleeping or sleeping comfortably, I kind of don't mind sleeping with them that way. They are only going to be this age once.

Em was acting a bit off tonight - not really as active and very sleepy. Rich thinks that the past two weeks of not sleeping well has finally caught up with her. I'm exhausted. How can she not be? I took her temperature because she felt a little warm. 100 degrees. Great. I don't want her to be sick. We did give her some Motrin before she feel asleep and she felt cooler a bit later. Anna pulled her sock off and needed help. I used that as an excuse to check on Em who fell almost instantaneously.

So tonight if she sleeps in her crib all night, I'm going to be worrying about her.

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