Saturday, October 31, 2009

Imagination & Dress Up

This is how I found the girls when I arrived home on Friday.

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Grammy told me that they were being ballerinas and using the mats as tutus. Way to make mama feel bad about not yet finishing the tutus, girls. I would like to note that Anna told me that she was being a goat.

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Today, I managed to finish Em's purple tutu.

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She loved it. Only two more to go. (Or at least two more!)

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I started with Em's because I had purchased a little bit more of the purple tulle than of the other colors - there was a bit more to finish the bolt so they offered it to me at half price. I went with buying off of the bolt instead of the six inch rolls because it was cheaper that way to begin with and then the bolts were on sale. I completely guessed at how much I would need but I think I should have enough to finish the other two (or more!).

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Anonymous said...

CUTE! Maybe I can help you make the other two one night after the girls go to sleep;-)