Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday's post.

Today was my day to post over at How Do You Do It. If you are late in reading this, click here for a direct link to my post.

I decided to take advantage of the holiday weekend sales and hit the outlet mall today while Rich watched the girls. I timed my absence to coincide with their nap. As with most holiday sales, the mall was overcrowed, which made my trip longer than it should have been. I was really not impressed with the cothing selection in the stores I checked out.

Carter's, even with sale prices, can still be too expensive for my liking. Their selection of toddler clothing was very limited and I just didn't see much that I liked. Plus, it seems to me that size 2T is the first to go. AND I can't believe how toddler sweaters at Baby Gap cost the same as adult sweaters at the regular Gap.

I really need clothes. I have basically had to rebuilt an entire wardrobe as approximately 90% of my pre-baby clothes no longer fit. I just googled this so I know I'm not losing my mind but my rib cage expanded so much when I was pregant with the girls and it still is not back to normal. This means that all those fitted jackets I had no longer fit. {sniff sniff} Anna was nestled up into my ribs by 20 weeks. You can imagine how that felt almost 16 weeks later.


Meg said...

Ouch! I only had two in there but one of them was nestled in my ribs, too. I'll never forget how uncomfortable that was. I'm right up there with you on the 90% not fitting. Between the ribs & my "new" hips, it seems pretty hopeless. I've got everything in bins in the storage closet "just in case" but I'm pretty sure I'll never wear my "old" clothes again. It's hard to rebuild a whole wardrobe! And expensive, too!! :)

Helen said...

Ahhhh! Thank you for clearing up that mystery Sarah! I know why some of my pants still don't fit right (hello stretched out skin), but I couldn't figure out the jacket and shirt thing!

Cassie said...


I just read your post on 'How do you do it' and it made me want to cry! You are a lucky woman!

I am a single mother to my triplets. For almost 5 months now. Things like "Its your JOB" were muttered in my home WAY too often!

Our situation was the exact opposite of yours.

Kudos to Rich!! :)