Sunday, October 11, 2009

What are we saying & doing now.

I wanted to share some of what the girls have been saying and doing lately that just cracks me up. It is amazing to me all that they know.

Here are some from Anna:

"I have troubles."
"Get a diaper on me." {impatient}
"I'm giving myself a time out."

And one from Allie:

"Two bunnies. A chocolate one and a white one." (This was a picture of two real bunnies. Not food.)

The girls have those glow in the dark stars on their bedroom ceiling. Whenever I'm holding Allie in the chair and the room is dark enough to see the stars, she always points to the shadow on the ceiling from the curtain and says, "Look at the angel. The angel in the stars."

The girls have also been flipping through some catalogs with kids modeling Halloween costumes. Instead of asking what the costume is, all three ask, "What he being like?" And they love looking through the American Girl catalogs, except they need to know the name of each doll. And you have to give them an answer or they will just keep asking, "What her name?"

And I can't figure out where Allie came up with this but she was looking at a page in the American Girl catalog that had a doll with toy horses - the whole stable vibe was going on. Allie blurted out, "She cleaning the horsey poo poo!"

I need to discuss Anna and stickers. I picked up a few packages of 400 stickers each for $1 at Target. There is usually a sheet floating around somewhere in the family room and if Anna gets ahold of it, she always put stickers on her shirt. And they are randomly placed as well. I managed to take this picture last week after I entered the family room to find Anna like this:

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The sticker was properly placed and right side up.

And I can't end this post without popping this in. The girls still place dolls and stuffed animals face down to indicate that they are sleeping. I found the Little People daddy and baby in the bed like this:

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Pyjammy Pam said...

good grief, sarah! they're too darn cute. how can my boys live up to their adorableness? i can only dream they will find them charming or something. :D

Jacinta said...

"I'm giving myself a time out" - I LOVE IT
That is just priceless

Doubly Blessed said...

lol, I can't wait until mine can say more than mama, dada, and up!

Wendy said...

After a crazy weekend, your baby girls bring such sweet relief. Thank you for the giggles <3

Heather said...

Too cute. Those American Girl Catalogs are addictive. I think they like seeing the toys doing activities, my last set of twins loved them. It was another picture book to them.