Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finding myself

I used to mock those who took time off to "find themselves" in college. I attended a large university and had many acquaintances and so, inevitably, someone would know of someone who had stopped taking classes to "find themselves." My thought was get your work done and then you can find yourself.

Between school and college jobs and internships, I flitted around with friends and boyfriends. I felt more that I had been welcomed into their world instead of just being there originally. So who was I?

After college, my career advanced rapidly. I worked hard and played hard. My vacation time was used to travel around with my band friends. Again, I had been welcomed into a world much different from what I knew.

Now, most days, I am a mother, a wife, a tax professional. It's comfortable Should this be enough? I sometimes feel the need for more. I am a friend. Not as often as I would like to be. Time constraints limit friendships in this world. I used to be a runner. That is something I'm not sure I will ever get back. I don't want to give up on it quite yet but I keep experiencing setbacks.

Of late, I have found a bit of myself in photograpy. I enjoy it and I am proud of how far I have come. I want to thank you all for voting for me in the Multiples and More Blog Awards contest. I WON FOR BEST PHOTOGRAPHY!! YIPPEE!! This has given me a little boost of confidence. Something I needed.

To go along with this post, I must admit that I had a failure of a photo shoot with the girls the other night. It is a bit of a tale as to how the girls ended up outside with these adorable outfits on but they were there for a photo shoot. The situation was all wrong but I pushed it anyway. The sun was already behind the houses in the neighborhood. The temperature was dropping. And I didn't have any props. The girls took advantage of the freedom and would not pose. Ten minutes and nineteen pictures later, I gave up.

So yes, I will share these photos. Some of them.

The girls are looking for Quiet Bunny in the yard.

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Where is he?

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Grammy was sitting on the ground taking pictures as well. Anna snuck up next to her and attacked her with a leaf and a "tickle, tickle, tickle." Grammy must have jumped a foot off of the ground, which Anna thought was hysterical.

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We call that her crazy baby laugh.

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I am loving the fact that the girls enjoyed wearing those outfits. They didn't want to take them off, especially the boots. And Anna loves that hat.


Meg said...

YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS BEST PHOTOG!! That's really great! :)

The girls outfits are too adorable for words! They look so fabulous with the boots, too! I love the photo of them looking for the Quiet Bunny & the one of Anna with her Grammy is priceless.

Do you have lots of photobooks? Picture frames on walls? How do you show off your awesome photos of the girls?

Wendy said...

Congrats, Sarah! The outfits are adorable as are the models. I know how you feel when you talk of "enough". It's a hard thing to do- to think about what life was like before the fork in the road. No, not fork- fork implies choice and you certainly didn't have a choice in the death of Abby or the birth of Anna, Allie and Em. Is it enough to be OK in life? One more "enough" question, I suppose. Sheesh...deep thoughts, by Jack Handy :P

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I think these pictures are great!

Helen said...

Yay Sarah! I was so glad to see you won :)

Love, love, love those outfits the girls have on! They are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Well-deserved. =)


Goddess in Progress said...

The pics are great, even if they aren't what you set out to get. Love all the purple!

I know what you mean about finding something that's your own, separate from being "mom." That's what quilting has become for me, and probably why I hold onto it pretty fiercely right now. :-)

Sarah said...

Meg - For now, the pictures on the computer. Some prints here and there. Maybe someday we'll get them on the wall!

CNH said...

I would NOT call that a fail! Beautiful images! Photographers kids are the worst. You should see me trying to get my six to hold still. ;)

Cassie said...

Very cute outfits! And congrats on Best Photograpy! You deserve it! I went to vote for you, and decided it wasnt fair to vote for YOU (just cause I follow your blog) so I checked out the other contestants. Maybe this is TMI, but I wanted you to know, Your photos are the BEST! You had my vote!:)

I must have said something about how cute your girls are, b/c Connor just came up and pointed to that last pic of Anna and said "cute"! Which is the 1st time he has ever said that word! lol Then he started pointing and talking about her teeth, silly boy!

Sarah said...

Cassi & CNH - THANK YOU!

Lynn said...

The dresses are so cute, as are the girls, and your photography is fabulous. What a gift you will have of having so many beautiful pictures that will have memories tied to them forever.

Where did you find the dresses and that darling purple hat?

Sarah said...

Lynn - Anna's dress was from Baby Gap (purchased last year). Her hat was from BRU. The other 2 dresses are from H&M.