Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Me time

As a mother, is it unforgiving to request me time? Time when small toddlers are not attached to me. Time when I don't have worry about rushing home because I've been missing for more than an hour. Time when I don't even have to think. {Please turn my brain off!} I feel somewhat guilty for wanting this.

I can't even remember the last time that I went to the mall by myself and did whatever I wanted. I'm hardly ever alone. I'm always aware of the time.

Although it may appear that I have some good free time after the girls go to bed, do not be fooled. Over the past few weeks, there have been many a night that I've inhaled a bowl of cereal for dinner at 9:00 pm. There are stuffy noses and molars. I'm trying to be a good parent.

My wonderful husband gifts me sleep time on the weekends. We really try to take turns with sleeping in or taking naps whenever possible. I love that sleep. I turn on my beloved fan without worrying about listening for the girls. They are in good hands with their father.

This is being a mother. There will be a day years and years from now when I don't want to go to the mall by myself and my girls will be too busy to go with me.


Kari said...

That says it all, Sarah. :) Isn't parenthood SO worth it?!

Lani said...

Ahh, I had me time for the first time in AGES today- I went back to work part time:) it was awesome:) But of course I came home, went in the kids room, they woke up and I had to hold them all for a couple minutes before I could do anything else!

Leigh said...

I think me time is essential for our sanity! I make no apologies that I need it otherwise I go crazy. I'm just a better mother if I get some alone time.

JEN said...

great sentiment. So true. I "inhale" dinner every night. At work I get to eat lunch and breakfast so that is a bonus.

Kristine said...

my personal belief is that "me" time is essential to sanity!! It's that making time for "me" that is soooooo hard!!
A friend gave me a tip the other day for when life is soooo crazy. Eat a snickers bar with a knife & fork, one bite at a time. Savor each bite, don't rush!! A very small indulgence, and it involves chocolate!!!!!!

reanbean said...

I also rarely get me time, but my thinking is similar to yours- someday, my kids will be off doing their own thing and I'll miss those tiny hands pulling at the edge of my shirt.

Jen said...

You have a really good attitude about this. I know it is really hard though -- at least it was for me, and my situation wasn't nearly as challenging as yours.

I will say that my kids are almost 3, 5, 5, and 7 now, and suddenly my husband and I can get "me" time without the other parent feeling overwhelmed. The kids are still challenging, sure, but it is so easy compared to what it once was. I am not sure when that switch flipped.