Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend recap: Mommy gets married.

Rich and I were really hoping for a beautiful day weatherwise on Saturday seeing as we weren't going to be home for a good portion of Sunday. We being Mommy and Daddy. It rained, of course. In an attempt to just be out of the house, we brought the girls over to Old Navy to see if we could purchase some warmer clothes for them. Maybe because the summer season is so short around here, I seem to be able to find plenty of summer clothes on super clearance but not those for the cooler weather. And last spring, when winter clothes were marked down, I bought everything in size 3T not knowing how quickly the girls would (or wouldn't) grow.

That was a really short trip seeing as the store had NOTHING in size 2T. I may have to jump online some night or wait it out to see if we can get by with what we have until winter settles in and then the girls really will need sweaters and warm pants.

After the girls' nap, we decided to head over the petting zoo while keeping our fingers crossed that the rain had finally ended. At our first trip there two weeks ago, the girls really were afraid to feed the animals. We brought a big bag of carrots with us this time just in case. Allie was out of control. She finally got the hang of it and LOVED it. She was flying through carrots faster than we could pull them out of the bag. It was hysterical. Em was still a bit hesitant and needed adult assistance as did Anna but they were sooooo much better than before. Anna would hold the carrot out while looking the other way with her eyes closed.

Em found her favorite chicken again and pointed out his crazy hair. She then added that, "He needs to comb it." That's one of the great things about having kids. They keep me laughing.

On Sunday, Rich and I were scheduled to attend a wedding for our (Rich's) niece. Out of state. Which meant that Grammy lost most of one of her days off. (Thank you, Grammy!) The girls were invited but we knew that it would be a lot of work to bring them and we were both feeling the need for a "normal" family function. You know - one where I could sit. And eat. And wear a dress and heels. I'm adding again that it was a REALLY LONG drive and I don't know if I could handle singing Wheels on the Bus for over two hours.

Because the girls do understand some things now, Rich told them that Mommy and Daddy were going to a wedding and that Grammy was going to hang out with them for the day. He did say that cousin Lauren was getting married but the girls kept adding in that Mommy was getting married. So when we left, I kissed them good-bye and told them that I was off to get married. Allie waved and said, "Bye-bye."

I do have to mention a touching moment from the wedding. One of the frustrating parts of having a baby die is that you sometimes feel as if those around you act as if you never had a baby. As Rich and I were waiting for the ceremony to begin, I happened to flip the program over and saw Abigail's name. She was listed as one of those there in spirit. It was so unexpected and caught me completely off guard. It meant more to me than words can convey.

Rich and I had fun at the wedding and thoroughly enjoyed our adult time. But I am old. I didn't even drive and I was having trouble staying awake on the ride home.

Of course, I have a billion photos but they are still on my camera. Stay tuned for those over the next few days.


Danielle said...

I have the opposite problem, Sarah! Everything over here is winter, and I am having troubles finding ANYTHING summer! We barely had winter, and now, I am struggling to find clothes for my girls for summer. I wonder how much postage would be on bulk items to eachother. I could hunt for sale items for winter for you, and you could do the same for summer stuff for me! I am sure,with postage, a "sale" item wouldn't be a very good bargain! Oh well...good thought...

Hope's Mama said...

Lovely Sarah. I'm so glad Abigail was remembered. And I'm glad you enjoyed your adult time!

His Mom said...

I cried for you when you mentioned how they mentioned Abigail. At my husband's grandma's funeral the priest mention Curtis and I gasped and started sobbing really loudly. I was caught VERY off gaurd even though Craig's family has always been great with that stuff. So, what I am saying is...I know how much that meant.

I am glad you were able to go to the wedding and probably a little alone time with Rich, even if just a car ride, must have been nice.

Keith and Jamie said...

The sweetest and most sincere gestures are those that catch us the most by surprise. It was a lovely thought to include Abigail...beautiful!

I too fall asleep in the car...generally the reason why I don't get to drive to far off places.

Cannot wait to see pics...have a great week!