Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I know. You were expecting to see adorable petting zoo photos (and maybe a photo or two of Mommy & Daddy from the wedding.) Trust me. Those will have to wait until tomorrow.

So my plan was for the girls to sleep in their cribs until they were at least three years old. And I know that there is someone out there laughing at me as they are reading this but that was my plan. You have to understand that the girls have never made any attempts at climbing out of their cribs. Never. So it was only natural of me to believe that they could sleep in them for longer than normal.

I was sitting at my desk today working when I saw an email notification pop up in the lower right hand corner of my computer screen. I saw that it was from Grammy and then I read the subject of the email: Crib tents anyone?

Eeeeh gad! (or something maybe not so PG came out of my mouth.)

Apparently, the story is that Grammy placed Allie in her crib for a time out this morning as a result of jumping on the couch and not stopping when Grammy asked her to stop. When Grammy noticed that Allie's crying sounded louder, she went over to the stairway and found this...

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And yes, Allie is smirking.

Grammy placed Allie back in her crib and asked her how she got out.

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And yes, she is crying in that picture.

We have decided that time outs will no longer be in their cribs and we are taking a wait-and-see approach as far as actually converting their cribs to beds. The front part of the crib comes off to become a bed so we don't have to purchase three new beds. The girls are small enough that those cribs/beds give them plenty of space to sleep. They don't need anything bigger.

As you can also see from the above photo, we have blankets hanging over the curtains to block light. There are wooden blinds under there that we need to remove to hang black-out curtains. I think the blinds are too dangerous for little ones not in their cribs and let in too much light.

And no, we will not be using crib tents. For various reasons. The girls are too old and they would FREAK out with those on their cribs. Plus, I am probably the most uber paranoid mother around and after reading that crib tents are unregulated and that there have been some safety concerns with them, we are opting no. It sucks but my way of viewing the world is completely different now. No one thinks that it can happen to them. I know that it can.

Before we arrived home tonight, Rich and I agreed to not even mention the crib climbing in front of the girls. They were a little anxious to get outside to play and didn't want to finish their dinner so Grammy started a slideshow of pictures on her laptop for them to watch. Anna and Em were already out of the chairs when I looked up to see the above photos playing in the slideshow. Allie saw them and said, "Allie getting out."

Allie and Em are wearing sleepsacks tonight, which makes it difficult to climb. Plus, Allie made no attempts at all. On our side is the fact that she loves to sleep.

How long do I have before Emily (my non-sleeper) jumps out? We will be in trouble when that happens.


Cassie said...

Hey there~

I havent commented in a while, I too have identical triplets! They were born 7-27-07. They have been in toddler beds for about 4 months now. We removed everything from their room, except their beds (of course). I havent even figured out a way to get the humidifier back in there, without them messing with. I had cornered off a section with baby gates, but they climbed over. I do have a shelf with a night light that runs on batteries, I also took down the blinds and have a black out curtain up. Which for the first time today they pulled down!!! I think I may need to staple it to the wall! :) I also have a baby gate up in their doorway, to keep them somewhat contained! They climb over sometimes!! But my boys are climbers! They amaze me! Anyway, I just wanted to leave a commetn and let you know I enjoy reading about your girls. They are adorable! They remind me a lot of my boys, they seem to have the same temperments! But, mine are boys...well, need I say more?? They never hold hands, or hug or kiss...lol! I try to encourage it, but wrestling is more fun it seems!

Good luck with the conversion! It is tough, but Im sure they are ready and will do great!

B said...

You got pictures of A in the act too. And with this post, I think I'm going shopping for bed rails this weekend.

Sally said...

I'm so with you on crib tents. The idea of having to find a zipper in the dark and hope it doesn't get stuck if I ever need to get my boys out of their beds quickly terrifies me. I, too, am just crossing my fingers that they don't try to get out until they're much older.

I think this is my first comment here. Love your blog and your adorable girls!

Pyjammy Pam said...


and after reading cassie's comment (more identical boys! exciting!) i'm really scared. i think the boys are going to be in theirs until high school. at leasat.

Lucco Girls said...

OMG NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN IT BE?!?! This is one of my biggest nightmares! I love being able to put them in their cribs and walking away worry-free. I don't want this to happen to ME! lol...but I know it will. Keep posting about it so I can keep up with how I'M going to deal with it when mine get to this point PLEASE! :-)

JEN said...

Okay, I know the getting out is not adorable, but the pictures are. I have a terrible fear of miniblinds and children. We went to Lowe's and purchased a blind/shade. It is ruffled like a blind, but works like a shade, but much, much better. There is one button you have to push to move up/down, and it blocks out light very, very well. It was $70 and I highly recommend. I want to say it was called Levolor or somethiing like that.

Goddess in Progress said...

I've been all over the "cribs until 3" argument as well. So far I've been lucky, no real attempts at climbing, and my kids are always in sleep sacks for nap and bedtime. But still, I know the day will come, and I fear it. :-)

Though I agree, at this point they're a little old for crib tents, so if climbing becomes an issue, we may have to bite the bullet. And I may end up separating them, since I fear naptime with two of them in the same room with no cribs!

Wendy said...

Cribs till three! Unite! I hope that A being crazy adventurous was a one time deal and that the girls can get back to the plan, the the picture of her climbing is hilarious :)