Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zoo Trip - Seals and Hula Hoops

Last weekend was our big trip to the Roger Williams Zoo with Grammy and Papa. That was my first visit there so I didn't realize that the zoo is located in a huge park. HUGE. Papa wanted to stop and take pictures of the girls. This is what happened...

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They basically took off running and I became very nervous when Allie started picking up objects because there was a ton of goose crap around. That ended our photo session and off we went to the zoo.

We have found that the Choo Choo Wagon works best for pulling the girls into and out of the zoo because they walk sooooooo slow.

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Once in the zoo, the girls walk (holding our hands, of course) and the Choo Choo is great for hauling all of our stuff.

I have to say that dressing them alike in bright pink dresses helped me keep track of them in the zoo. Pinkpinkpinkonetwothree. Pinkpinkpinkonetwothree.

I wasn't able to take pictures in the zoo because it was crowded and crazy. I think the best part of the day was the girls' reaction to the seal exhibit. There are two windows that look into the pool. The seals were swimming the length of the pool and turning around in front of the window that we were standing at. Anna was immediately afraid. I was holding her while she buried her face in my shoulder. Allie and Em were standing on the ledge of the window with Rich and Grammy holding them up there. As the seals came swimming down and turned in front of the window, Allie yelled out, "I'M ALL SET. I'M ALL DONE." She was scrambling trying to get down but could not because Rich was holding her up there. As Rich took her down, she said, "He almost got Allie."

Anna has to be cathed every two to three hours so I cathed her in the van before we entered the zoo but we still needed cath her while we were in the zoo. Instead of hauling back out to the van, Grammy and I found a big empty counter in one of the bathrooms. I could only do it there with Grammy's help as everything has to stay sterile and all it would take is one kick from Anna to dirty the kit.

After cathing Anna, we decided to that we should change Allie and Em's diapers but I really didn't want to bring them into that bathroom to do so as it was small and crowded. Rich, Papa, Allie and Em had been hanging out in a somewhat quiet spot so I had the brilliant idea to just change their diapers there. While they stood. This is where having them wear dresses came in handy.

The one problem with this is that Em can be a wiggle worm. I was having trouble fastening her diaper because she was moving so much so I finally told her that we needed to hurry so that people wouldn't see her "who-who." We usually always bum bum when referring to the diaper region but I was afraid that if I said bum bum she would lift up her dress and expose herself. Well, of course, she had no idea what I was talking about and kept saying, "People might see our hula hoops. People might see our hula hoops."

We purchased some stuffed animals before leaving the zoo and when the girls started acting a little fussy before bed, I informed them that they needed to give those animals a physical before they would be allowed in the cribs. As you see from the pictures, Dr. Em took her job very seriously.

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, but this is my first time to comment. I have 2 girls (almost 5 1/2 and almost 2 1/2) and my almost 2 1/2 year old has spina bifida also. She is not as mobile as Anna (she walks with a walker), but is otherwise a typical 2 year old. It is fun to read what your girls are doing because we too have a love of Barney and the zoo right now. I wanted to comment today on your issue on the catheter. Have you tried a hydrophilic catheter for when you are on the go? It is a lot easier to use in a public setting and that is what we use when we are out and about. You may have already tried it, but just thought I would suggest it in case you didn't know about them.

Heather said...

You honestly take the best pictures. I love seeing them.

Oh, that "I'm all set" reaction at the zoo was priceless!

monica said...

Your trip to the zoo sounded like fun!!

Sarah said...

Hi!! - It is always nice to meet other parents who have kids with SB. I haven't heard of that type of catheter. Thank you - I will have to do some research and talk to Anna's urologist at her next appt.

And thank you Heather for the picture compliment!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog and looking at the beautiful pictures you take!! Where did you get those cute DOTS pants??!!