Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This week

Okay, so tonight was not a good night for a blog post.

I *think* Emily finally has a molar coming through. She's been grumpy during her sleep time. It still amazes me that she can be fussy, crying, whining and then fall asleep in five seconds. If only she would stay asleep for an appropriate time period and not start the fussy, crying, whining upon waking.

Allie is back to sleeping well. Thank goodness for that.

Up coming for this week is a post about our visit to a petting zoo/playground/big slide, tons of adorable pictures (as always) AND a giveaway.

I will be joining the end of summer blog party hosted by Multiples & More later this week.

Back to our regularly scheduled posting tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

HI! I found your blog through HDYDI. Your girls are so adorable! I love reading about your adventures and also day to day life. My huz and I have identical girls. I'm wondering, do your girls nap in the same room? I'm curious to know more about how your girls do with sleeping together in the same room [if they do nap in the same room].

Sarah said...

Yes, my girls nap in the same room - if one wakes up, it's safe to say that they all wake up. Room sharing has had some frustrating moments.