Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Look at his crazy hair."

Isn't it funny that after you have kids, you learn of all these places you had no idea existed before? A few weeks ago, someone mentioned this petting zoo/playground/big slide place. We had never heard of it. The next week, someone else mentioned it. Hmmm, maybe we should bring the girls over to check it out.

Please note that the girls are not very trusting of animals and believe that all animals, including pets, are out to get their bum bums.

Here are Allie, Anna & Em with Daddy.

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Em keeping an eye on the goat.

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Anna and Em staying clear of the animals.

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We met this really nice family with three year old boy/girl twins. We chatted with them for a bit and yes, they did ask the usual triplet questions regarding the girls but in a completely non-annoying way. They even gave us some carrots to feed the goats with. I brought the girls over to the goats one by one and they "helped" to feed them. Emily showed the least amount of fear.

I love how the girls would talk to the animals as if they were human. Em even pointed out the chicken's crazy hair, which I found hysterical.

Anna spent a lot of time like this...

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and this...

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(attached to my leg)

Here's a cute one of Allie keeping her distance from the chickens.

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Anna (yes, her finger is shoved up her nose) and Allie

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We then brought the girls to the park area where they had some fun with the water spray thingies until two older boys came over and insisted on standing on the spray thingies. At that point, we decided to try out the big slide.

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Now I didn't take any pictures of the slide but it is a super long tunnel slide, which is accessed by climbing the hilly path and the climbing up to the platform (about 7 feet off of the ground) via a rope net. I ended up climbing up to the platform while Rich hoisted Allie up to me. I then went down the slide with her. Repeat with Em. I think they could handle the slide on their own but they definitely need help climbing up there. Rich climbed up and when down with Anna.

The family with the twins came by and I asked the father about how old his kids had been when they used the slide solo. He said that at two and a half, they would go down the slide solo but a parent would bring them up to the platform. Even at three years of age, he was spotting them on the rope net. It was good to see that I wasn't being overprotective.

On the way out, we stopped by to see the sheep, which lead to this...

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Lease said...

The girls are adorable as always. I love the expression on Allie's face watching the chickens. You can tell she is watching them very closely.

The Super Bean said...

OMG, they are so cute! I love the pics from your angle where they are attached to your leg!
Also, cute hairstyles and adorable outfits. Your kids always look so sytlish and cute.:-)

Erin said...

The girls are too cute. Dosen't it feel good to have your little ones show that they need you. Yesterday Avery crawled over to be in my lap, almost made me cry.