Monday, August 31, 2009

The lies I tell my children

(Alternative title: Miss Bossy and the hula hoops)

The girls were introduced to hula hoops a few months ago at the triplet picnic we attended. Since that time, they've seen some in a neighbor's yard which has lead to nonstop discussion regarding hula hoops. I've been waiting for them to go on sale because the only ones we could find in nearby stores were "fancy" and cost $6 each. After deciding that they are NEVER going to go on sale and not finding any cheap, plastic ones (I am admitting to being too lazy to look online), we purchased three hula hoops over the weekend.

The girls were in hula hoop heaven when we arrived home.

They can't actually use them in the traditional way but they were having fun making up games and just running around with them. Allie, though, decided that EVERYONE had to play with their hula hoops at the same time. She became quite upset when Anna wandered off sans hula hoop and then returned holding a picture she found. Allie yelled, "Anna, put the paper down and play with hula hoop."

And then there was some fighting between Allie and Em because one of them touched the other's hula hoop. I finally told them that if they didn't stop, the police were going to come to our house and take the hula hoops away. Yes, I told the girls that the police take away toys when kids fight over them. Well, that worked like a charm. There were no more arguments for the rest of the evening.

And yes, we have tried "toy in the time-out." For us, the result is more screaming. But the police and toy-taking, that worked wonders.


Jan said...

That's so funny - I'll bet every parent has a version of this in a last-ditch attempt to get their kids to do something! I have a friend who told her 4 boys (!) there were alligators in the flood control channels - that did the trick. (It had to because those channels were so dangerous). Love how the girls are talking to each other!

Heather said...

ha ha ha! I must admit that I have used the "police man will come and yell" line on my three year old once or twice.

Wendy said...

lmao... I'm glad the 5-oh didn't need to bust up your hula party. And I'm glad to know that the bossiness isn't just M&L. M gets very angry if Sissy want to go on the swing when she wants to be on the slide. "SISSY!! SIIIIIIDE! " ugh.

Erin said...

I have not used this and I am not sure Avery would understand yet, but I bet that it may be used once or twice when she gets a little older.

Sarah said...

Jan - I have to say that the alligators in the flood control channels was used on me and my brothers when we were little - and we believed it!