Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We've got pictures!

Well, nothing too exciting. I was trying to chronicle a bit of our weekend through photographs. At times, visual substantiation is more powerful than words. The following is a sampling of our weekend.

What I really wanted photos of was Allie sleeping in various comfort spots in the family room but I controlled my urge as waking her would not have been a good idea.

Here's Anna eating her snack after the marathon nap on Saturday. The odd look is explained by the fact that she has a fishy (or two) in her mouth. Doesn't she look a bit chubbier? We believe (and HOPE) that she has put on some weight.

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Allie and Em with their snacks. Allie actually requested chocolate milk instead of juice.

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The girls can eat a bowl of cereal fairly well now on their own. Here's Emily.

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She had decided to pound her spoon into the milk. What was funny about this was that Rich was on his way upstairs for his nap when I realized that Em had made a mess. He said to her, "Mommy's going to clean you up at some point." She didn't seem to mind and kept right on eating.

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I had already locked Allie and Emily in the family room after they had finished eating their breakfast but Anna was still sitting in her highchair so I could coerce her into taking her medicine. I looked into the family room to see the girls like this watching the boob tube.

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At one point as I was trying to clean up the kitchen, I heard some fussing and whining coming from the girls. I found Allie and Em like this.

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I thought that they were fighting over the chair but they were actually sitting together. Allie went to sit in another chair and Em asked her to come back. She was all smiles when Allie joined her again. I had to laugh later on when Em was sitting in the chair by herself and patted the other side of the seat, asking me to sit with her. Mommy's behind is not that small!


Danielle said...

Anna HAS put on weight, Sarah. So much so, the picture you posted on Sunday, with the three of them together, I thought Allie was Anna, and Anna was Allie, cause Anna looks chubbier than Allie now! Way to go Anna! Hope you have a good nights sleep tonight...

Jen said...

SO CUTE! I love seeing pictures of other people's toddlers' messy high chairs, faces, play rooms, etc.

Ande said...

Are those the frog bowls from IKEA? It looks like them, I want one lol!

Sarah said...

Yes - Ikea frog bowls. They were a gift!