Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We need to clone you.

I had an appointment this afternoon that logistically did not work with work so I was at home with the munchkins this morning.

Anna, Em, Allie (don't worry, she does have a diaper on)

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They can be fairly entertaining when they aren't clinging to my leg like little monkeys. For example, they were watching Barney (yes, Barney again) while I was in the kitchen cleaning up and attempting to scarf down some breakfast. All of a sudden, I hear the television turn off followed by Anna exclaiming, "I turned Barney off. I turned Barney off." Of course, Em was confused and asking, "What happened to Barney?"

It turns out that in my haste to corral all three into the family room after their breakfast, I had left the cable remote control within the reach of some little arms.

Anna and a random Baby

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Em and Tiger

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Do you see what Baby and Tiger are in? Those are dolly "sleepsacks/sleeping bags" that Grammy sewed for the girls. Grammy is extremely crafty and I keep telling her that when the girls are older, we should open an Etsy shop. I'm not as crafty as Grammy but I can sew.

At one point this morning, Allie was pushing two of the doll strollers together and said to me, "I pushing the twins." Now you have to realize that they hear the words twins and triplets quite often but we don't sit there and explain to them that twins are two. I couldn't believe that she knew this.

I did tie two of the strollers together but that lasted all of three minutes. "Stuck. Stuck."

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Nap was a disaster (again) and I needed to leave for my appointment so Grammy was left with an un-napping Allie. She told me that when Em and Anna awakened, Allie fell asleep on the couch. She took this picture for me. (Note to self: need to write a post regarding toddler sleeping arrangements.)

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The girls have been abusing the M word lately. MOMMY. It's Mommy this and Mommy that. Even if Daddy and Grammy are here, they want Mommy to do everything. And I can't. So it's a bit frustrating. Tonight, all six of us made a quick trip to the grocery store. We had the girls sitting in two of those shopping carts with the little car in front. There were cries of "Mommy push" coming from both carts during most of the excursion. At one point, Grammy stated, "We need to clone you." Wouldn't that be wonderful? Think of what I could accomplish!

I'll end this post with examples of what your kids may look like after consuming those little cookies with chocolate dippy.


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Lani said...

These pictures are all great, but the last one, is PRICELESS!! I can almost HEAR her:)

Helen said...

I'm not sure which is my favorite... the last picture or the sleeping on the couch picture!

Sharon said...

I love reading this!!! I miss seeing you guys like crazy...the girls (and seeing Grammy) always made me smile! You know we went thru a Barney phase, too. It started around 18 mths. & did not end until Lil was about 30mths. I was ready to plug my ears since we had to listen to the same Barney CD over & over in the car. If you like, I can send it your way! Hope you guys get some much needed sleep over the weekend!

Liz said...

All I wanna know is where did you find Grammy and how can I get one too? hehe :)

Jenny said...

I clicked on your blog from my friend Aubs. I love the name of your blog and I noticed you were a tax accountant. My husband is an accountant. He loves it. I love math, but that is a bit much for me! I also saw you run. Snap... I love to meet other runners. You can't explain it, it is just part of you. I crave my running time and find it keeps me sane and I only have two boys who are almost 4 & 2! Your records looks real good. Great job! And of course your photoes are A-MAZE-ING!!!!

monica said...

Great pictures! They show such great personalities of the girls. Beautiful!

Sarah said...

Awwww, thanks everyone for the comments.

Sharon - the girls miss Lil and I'm sure that they would love that Barney CD. They've been into music lately.

Liz - LOL - Grammy is one of a kind!

Jenny - yes, I can't explain running. It really is a part of me. Unfortunately, I've been having a tough time getting back into the swing of things. I hurt my ankle and then my back and now the girls are refusing to sleep. Someday...

Cheryl said...

Oh my, I love these pictures. The one of Anna with the random baby, sleeping Allie, and extremely happy, chocolate covered Emily are my favorites.