Monday, August 3, 2009


We finally had a mostly decent night of sleep last night. There were peeps and squeaks throughout the night and I almost thought it was all over with at 4:00 am when "no no" drifted from their room but by miracle, good fortune or just plain old exhaustion, Rich and I did not have to get up. At all.

Em was awake and fussing at 6:00. Allie continued to sleep. She slept through Anna and Em SCREAMING because Mommy dared to leave them alone with Daddy to take a shower. Of course, today would have to be the day that the girls needed to be awake early because Anna had an appointment with her urologist. Rich opened their bedroom door hoping that Allie would awaken with the normal morning noises but she continued to snooze away. Rich eventually just went in and picked her up.

I might as well throw in the urology update while I'm at it. We really just needed to meet with him to go over the results of the testing Anna had done a few months ago. There's been no change with her bladder function, which I'll take as good news. She still needs to stay on her medication and we were given the name of yet another doctor who can help us with a bowel management program.

It was a bit sad last night when I was discussing this appointment with Anna and she said, "Anna cry at doctor's." I told her that he was just going to talk to us and that she didn't need to cry. She did a great job today and did not cry or fuss. I was really proud of her. It was also funny to hear Allie and Em in the waiting area exclaiming, "Anna, no crying. Anna, no crying"

I managed to edit some pictures from this weekend but seeing that it is now after 10:00 and past my bedtime, I'll have to post them tomorrow.

And I've been meaning to add that Rich has been posting at his blog. Check it out for Daddy's point of view.


Lani said...

Glad to hear the appointment went well.. and that you got some sleep!

Sarah said...

Glad to hear that you finally got some sleep. I was thinking about your previous blog entries as I was up last night with one of my twins (she has a cold, but has a tendency to spike a high fever at the drop of a hat).