Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Mexico one.

Is it wrong that my toddlers know what Comcast's On Demand is?

It feels as if we have been reverting to a survival mode way of life lately and if turning the boob tube on gives me a few minutes of peace and quiet, I've been taking it. Rich and I are all too aware that On Demand only offers four episodes of Barney, which has been Emily's latest obsession. A new episode popped into rotation last week. At one point this morning, the girls were begging for another Barney and I gave in. Rich was sleeping and I needed to clean the kitchen and tackle the laundry.

In addition to asking for Barny, Anna and Emily stated that they wanted "the Mexico one." There was an eposide that talked about the Mexican culture but when I went to select that one, I discovered that it had been replaced with the newer one last week. Crap. So I acted as if nothing was wrong. Of course, they picked up on it right away.

At least it shows that they are paying attention and learning something. Right?

Last night was night number three (or four, I've lost count now) of Allie awakening three hours into sleeping in her crib and insisting on sleeping in the family room. She woke up Anna and Em as well and we tried to let them cry it out but more than 30 minutes later, it was still going on. I had to sit on their floor for Em and Anna to fall back asleep while Rich took care of Allie downstairs. She ended up sleeping on the couch cushions on the floor of the family room.

She did successfully nap in her crib today so we are hopeful that she sleeps through the night tonight. Last night, I slept from 11:00 to 2:00 and then 4:15 to 7:00. (I should note here that the girls did not fall asleep until after 10:00.) That doesn't seem too bad but it's almost like having newborns again and it's been going on. all. week. Rich and I both took naps today to try to catch up a bit on sleep before the work week starts.

It has been obvious over these past few days that Allie isn't feeling well. I brought the girls out to play in the yard this morning and yesterday and both times, she wanted to go inside after about 20 minutes. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I had filled the water table with water so she was soaking wet and wanted her wet clothes off as well. Emily has been extra clingy too. I felt in the back of her mouth tonight and there was no sign of those molars.

I am behind on my blogging here. I have random toddler updates, potty training stories and a post about how we ate dinner out as a family in a restaurant last week. I hope to get to those this week. I took a few cute photos this weekend as well but I'm too tired (and lazy, I suppose) to post them all tonight. Here's a preview though. The girls looked so cute before we left to run errands so I asked them to pose for a picture for Mamaw, their great grandmother. When I asked them where Mamaw lives, Anna kept yelling, "Mexico," instead of Michigan. I suppose it all goes back to Barney.

Anna, Allie, Em

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Rich said...

Dear Allie,

Let's stop your streak tonight, OK?


Goddess in Progress said...

Ugh. Good luck on the sleep front, I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you.

And don't sweat the TV. My kids request Backyardigans episodes by name, and start re-telling random parts of the story line out of the clear blue sky. Good memory, right?? I'm sure that's got to be a good thing. :-)

Pam said...

re: the barney stuff. linus knows the weather episode of yo gabba gabba, and god forbid you try to watch a different one! yeesh.

Helen said...

Oh Sarah! It's definitely like the newborn stage again! I hope you guys got some good sleep last night and that the girls are more like themselves SOON.

My boys are obsessed with Pooh Bear and they are particular about which DVD they want to watch. There was trouble when that DVD had to go back to the library.

Erin said...

Hopefully with the girls getting over being sick they will sleep better. A is getting ready to pop a few teeth and she is getting up 1-2 times per night and she had been sleeping through the night before. I feel your pain!

Ellen said...

This Nana loves High 5 ON DEMAND!!

Wendy said...

They look like such big girls with their hair in piggies. Love their little tanks.