Sunday, July 5, 2009

Uncle Bob's Pool

Okay, what happened to my three day weekend? It's over? Already?

The cookout/pool party yesterday afternoon was at Uncle Bob's pool. The girls talked about Uncle Bob's pool all this past week and I really thought that I would have three little fishies on my hands. Not the case.

I have to start out by saying that Aunt Justine was awesome and scored huge points with the girls by providing donuts, balls, little chairs and a battery operated jeep (without the battery, of course.) Without her and Auntie Joan, Auntie P and Auntie Marilyn, I probably wouldn't have been able to sit or eat.

Allie and Em

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Em (with her eyes shut), Anna, Allie

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Anna and Em

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Shortly after we arrived, we decided to try a quick swim with the girls. We quickly changed them into their bathing suits, climbed up onto the deck without incident and after Rich made the plunge into the chilly water, I handed him Em and Anna. I then thought that I would ease myself in and someone would hand Allie to me. I don't know exactly what happened but Allie suddenly decided that she did not want to go in. At all. I actually held her in my arms and tried to climb down the ladder into the pool but she freaked out.

Auntie P said that she would watch Allie if I wanted to go into the pool to help Rich. Anna and Em were having a blast in the water and they don't really move around that much so Rich was able to hold onto both of them without much issue. Anna and I swam around for a bit but Allie was crying the entire time so I left Anna with Rich and went to take care of Allie. She was still upset with me out of the pool because she didn't know where Em and Anna were and wouldn't calm down until after they were out of the pool as well. She was standing there hugging them.

And it wouldn't be a cookout without one of the girls stealing my soda can.

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That's Anna. And it was completely empty.


Goddess in Progress said...

Seriously, this weekend flew by! Are you sure there was an extra day in there?

My kids tend to talk a bigger game about the water than they actually want to play, too.

Mommy, Esq. said...

Ha, ha. My mom claims she never got a cup (paper cup mind you) of Tab (later Diet Coke) to herself until we were in high school.