Monday, July 6, 2009

Is it any wonder why I am exhausted?

Here's our Sunday. In some detail.

Sometime after midnight - The crackling and booming from random fireworks had finally abated. Either that or I was so tired, I just slept through it.

Around 1:00 AM - Emily. "Have it. Have it." Rich runs into the girls' room and manages to settle her back down within a few minutes.

Around 4:00 AM - Emily. "Mommy. Mommy." I suggested that Rich just bring her into our bed as the possibility of her sleeping past 6 was looking grim. She fell asleep in our bed within a few minutes of us removing her sleepsack. "Sleepsack off." She tossed and turned for about an hour in her sleep though so I really just napped with her feet nestled (well, really jammed) into my stomach and side.

6:00 AM - Emily. Awake. Points to books. "Stories," Points to windows. "Curtains." I tell her that it is in the middle of the night and we need to go back to sleep. She crawls on top of me and falls asleep for about 15 minutes before laughing in her sleep and waking herself up.

6:23 AM - Emily doesn't believe me now when I tell her that it is still nighttime. When I ask her to lie down she responds with, "No. I sit here." I brought her downstairs and left Rich to sleep.

Now, I don't know exactly how this happened but suddenly one day a few weeks ago, I discovered that the girls are obsessed with Barney. The show not the creature. Unfortunately, Comcast On Demand only has four episodes, each lasting one half hour. Emily, in particular, LOVES these shows. In an attempt to keep her quiet (she doesn't quite understand how to whisper) and allow her sisters to sleep in, I played a Barney episode for her.

"That Barney all gone. Nother one. Nother one."

7:43 AM - We were on Barney #3 before Allie and Anna awakened. Of course, they noticed immediately that Em was missing from her crib. "Emmy. Emmy."

Shortly after 9:00 AM - Rich was awake and took over feeding the girls their breakfast while I attempted to sort through piles of clothes in our room to start laundry.

Around 10:00 AM - Does anyone know how time consuming it is to chase three toddlers around while trying to apply sunblock? I didn't think we were ever going to make it outside but we did. The weather was wonderful and we wanted to give the girls some time to play outside and dump sand in the yard and over their heads.

10:45 AM - We packed the girls up in the van and headed over to the buy-in-bulk/stock up store, where I managed to find two shopping carts in the parking lot with the kiddie cars in front. The girls LOVED pretending to drive while we shopped. Although, it was interesting to see how they did not like being separated from each other. Emily was in one by herself and she kept looking for Allie and Anna while they kept looking for her.

Right before noon - We decided to stop at Wendy's on the way home for lunch. Now, I have to note that the girls have never really had "fast food" except for an occasional french fry and except for breakfast once last year and the food court at the mall a few months ago, we've never eaten a meal out with them. Rich ran in first by himself to confirm that they had three kiddie chairs available. We then walked in with the girls holding our hands.

Here's where I admit to my obsessive compulsive disorder related to germs. We keep a container of Clorox wipes in the van. I used those to wipe down the kiddie car shopping carts. And you better believe that I carried that container right into Wendy's and wiped down those kiddie chairs and the table. Am I the only person who does this?

The girls were so well behaved. We plopped them into their chairs and Rich went to order the food. As the girls and I were waiting for Rich, I heard some woman say, "Ma, come here. You have to see this." Now, here's where I complain about strangers. I honestly, for the most part, do not mind chatting with strangers and answering their questions as long as the girls are not freaking out. Here's a situation where the girls were not freaking out and we were patiently waiting for the food but that woman's approach was all wrong. By saying, "You have to see this," she turned us into some form of entertainment.

~To be continued tomorrow as the girls are still awake. And screaming. It's 9:50 PM. I think my head is going to expode. ~


Goddess in Progress said...

On the lady at Wendy's... I hate it when people do that. Stare and point and tell their friends without even acknowledging you. Um, hello? I'm standing RIGHT HERE! At least have the courtesy to address me, personally! Annoying.

Shari said...

Yes, you are one busy and rightfully so exhausted Mommy! I am sure it is very annoying to have someone make a picture out of your beautiful girls. I do not have kids that sit in the cart anymore, but I still wipe carts, our chairs in a restaurant and other things in public with Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes. I learned the germ thing with my preemie.

Jen said...

Sounds like a lovely lady in Wendy's. I definitely wipe down restaurant high chairs. We are out of them now but I sure wiped them down when my kids had to use them. I carry a little tube of antibacterial gel in my purse now for little hands.


Pink-CJ said...

OMG!! That is so crazy!! I can't say anything b/c I only have 2! That was wrong on what the lady said.