Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

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Grammy bought the girls these socks, which were the only patriotic portion of their outfits today.

We attended a cookout/pool party this afternoon. Between that and some outdoor play time this morning (thank goodness great weather has finally rolled in), the girls are exhausted. I slept in for a few hours this morning and I'm still exhausted. Rich and I thought that we could throw them in their cribs after a quick bath and then maybe, just maybe, enjoy a fake "date night." Make some popcorn and watch a movie.

Well, the girls flipped out and date night has been cancelled. We eventually gave Em some Tylenol as she continues to gnaw on her fingers in that spot where those pesky two year molars reside. I was in their room for a bit and then Rich took over. It's 8:55 right now and I hear Anna crying, which means that Rich tried to sneak out of their room.

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