Friday, July 3, 2009

Um, was Allie wearing her sleepsack?

Well, today kicked off the long holiday weekend around here for some of us. Rich, who works for a bank, had to work as banks weren't closed today. This, hopefully, should dispel the myth of "banker's hours."

Now, here's where I talk about how I'm kicking myself for not buying a cheap front-to-back triplet stroller back in December when they were marked down to $100. The single/double stroller combination worked great for us for the first 18 months or so but there are times when one adult could actually go the mall with all three girls but can't because we don't have a triple stroller. Well, we do have the triple Baby Jogger but that beast does not fit through doorways never mind store aisles.

I wanted to check out the holiday sales at the outlet mall first thing this morning and my only option for transporting my trio was the Choo Choo Wagon. Those outlet stores are not set up for Choo Choo Wagon usage so Grammy graciously agreed to accompany me and the munchkins.

I'll have to post about the great deals I dug up on clothes for the girls later this weekend. It really only makes a good post if I have pictures to go along with the savings and the batteries in my Speedlight need recharging so that will have to wait. I, of course, did not purchase any items for myself. I did look quickly for a one piece bathing suit but the only ones I saw were extremely granny-like.

The girls enjoyed a healthy lunch of crackers and a soft pretzel at the mall and we arrived home just in time for a late nap. Grammy had taken care of preparing Allie for nap and I did remember her saying something about Allie needing to get her leg inside of her sleepsack so that Grammy could zip it up. It was over an hour later before they were all asleep and I could creep up to their room to check on them. Allie was sleeping in her onesie with her sleepsack rolled up into a ball, tucked under her arm.

Grammy was already at her home by that point so I called her and she confirmed that yes, she did have Allie in her sleepsack when she placed her in the crib. I still can't figure out exactly how or why she took her sack off. The girls have been all about dressing and undressing themselves lately so I'm sure that was part of it. These are sleeveless sacks with a v-neck. It was still zipped so she must have taken her arms out and then just slipped it down her body.

After the girls ate dinner tonight, Rich and I decided to try out chalk in the driveway, a completely new activity. Even though it was sunny out, it started raining as we were changing them into clothes presentable to the public (The front of Anna's onesie was soaked with chocolate milk.) After the brief rain shower, we brought the girls out as they have been stuck in the house so much this summer due to the rainy weather.

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The girls insisted on running in the driveway, which makes me extremely nervous as I am afraid one of them is going to fall and hit her head. Especially Anna. It was about this time that I realized why Em's feet looked odd.

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Once again, I had put her shoes on the wrong feet. That poor child.

And then Allie discovered a small puddle at the end of the driveway.

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Em and Allie

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Anna and Allie, who decided to sit in the puddle.

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{Katie Lane} said...

I remember playing in puddles. Too much fun!

Helen said...

Fun stuff! I hear you on the Choo Choo not working well in outlet stores. You should have seen me trying to maneuver that thing in a Children's Place Outlet a couple of months ago - while trying to keep the boys from grabbing everything in reach!

I've been dying to try sidewalk chalk with the boys in our driveway, but I worry about them running into the street - did you find your girls were pretty content to just color the pavement?

Mommy, Esq. said...

It's especially funny you put them on wrong since they are velcro and you did 2 other sets. I totally can appreciate it ... just makes it that much funnier.