Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mommy and the girls

Growing up, my father had this tradition of taking pictures of me standing in front of (and then next to) Grammy on the beach each summer.

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I was almost three and a half years old in that picture, which means that my parents had three children with an average age of two at the beach. Not exactly the same as triplets but they managed.

(Yes, we do have a scanner but it is ancient and taking a picture of a picture works better. And yes, somewhere along the way something stuck to that picture.)

We made an attempt of this tradition with the girls this past weekend. The mistake was in waiting until the end of the day when they were in full exploration mode. At the beginning, they were in a slight state of culture shock and probably would have stood still.

Anna (eating her beach shoe), Em, Allie

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Allie, Anna, Em

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That's my "throwing up my hands in defeat" pose in that last one.


Goddess in Progress said...

I think those are great pictures! Totally true to the age (hell, that you got all three in the same frame as you is impressive).

I know I'm ALWAYS the one behind the lens, so there are next to zero pictures of me with my kids. And while my hatred of pictures of myself is often OK with that, I know how sad it would be if my kids had no pictures at all with their own mother. So I try to remember to give the camera to someone else every now and then.

And I love photo traditions like that! What a series that will be, pics at the beach every summer...

His Mom said...

Whoa. From that pic of you and your mom I truly see how much the girls look like you!