Monday, July 20, 2009

Toddler Boot Camp

I feel as if I'm in charge of a toddler boot camp these days.

I would like to insert here that this was not the intended blog post for this evening. I had planned to discuss and post pictures of the girls from this weekend. Fun with the sprinkler and crying because of the sprinkler. But as I've learned these past three years, life is not what you expect.

Rich and I both took a later train this evening. Late because we were both busy at work. Which means that Grammy was left to handle the bedtime routine by herself. When we arrived home, the girls were chatting merrily to one another in their cribs, listening to the "quack quack music." At 8:00, the crying began. An hour later, dinner was finished and there was still crying.

I ended up sitting on the floor of their bedroom until they fell asleep. They were crying because they were exhausted and I felt just horrible that I couldn't pick them up and cuddle with them until they fell asleep. There are three of them and one of me. There are three of them and one room. So I'm left with handing out quick hugs and cuddles while trying to convince them that if they stop crying and close their eyes, they will feel better.

And yes, I have taught the girls how to march. Although it was under the guise of learning to be in a marching band. Shhh, they'll never know they are in boot camp.


Jen said...

Marching is a very important tool when you're managing a herd of toddlers.

I'm sorry you couldn't rock all your babies to sleep tonight.

Mommy, Esq. said...

I had that same problem last night but since Penny is sick she got the cuddles and Ned had to tough it out. I'm very jealous what an involved grandma you have!

Helen said...

I hate not having enough arms (or body mass) to hug my three all at the same time!