Sunday, July 19, 2009

New England Aquarium

Rich's employer sponsored a family outing this weekend on Boston's waterfront. The outing consisted of a free luncheon and passes to the New England Aquarium. Grammy expressed an interest in seeing the girls' reaction to the aquarium so we invited her along. I'm not going to lie either. Having another set of adult hands makes our lives so much easier.

So if you've never eaten on the waterfront, here was our view:

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The girls were very well behaved. They still go into a state of shock whenever we arrive at a new place with strangers so we are guaranteed about hour of good behavior as long as that lasts. The caterers had those restaurant style highchairs for them to sit in and to my surprise, they ate fairly well. Anna ended up eating an entire hot dog, more than half of her roll and some cheese. She then nibbled on a brownie.


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Em - she was a bit unsure of the food at first.

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I was unable to take any pictures inside the aquarium because it was a mob scene. I abhor crowds and having to navigate two strollers through hordes of people was a nightmare. I hate to say it but I'm glad those passes were free. We didn't spend that much time in the aquarium and I would have been mad if I had paid for admission and then entered to find that many people in there. Plus, Anna has to be catheterized every 2 to 3 hours. I managed to cath her in the van in the parking garage right as we arrived. It was too long of a walk back to the van to take her and then return and I did not feel comfortable cathing her in the public restroom. Everything needs to stay sterile and I know people would have been staring and asking questions.

The girls loved the time that we did spend in there. Their expressions were just priceless. At one point, we had secured a spot at one of the windows for the giant tank. We had the girls sitting on the ledge and they were pointing out different fish. A few times, Anna actually had her mouth open in shock when the fish were really close to the glass.

I'll end with one of my favorite photos.

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Goddess in Progress said...

Much cute!! We're actually headed to the aquarium tomorrow morning. We have a pass, though, so I don't stress too much if we don't stay long. And taking pictures in there is a nightmare. Crowded, yes, and NO light!

Nicole S. said...

I love the NE aquarium!! Ours are still too young to enjoy it (at the high, high cost of an adult ticket) si think we will wait until they are a bit older, maybe this winter. The nice thing is, we can go during the week while school is in session and it should be a lot less crowded. That's my plan, at least.

PS - had no idea you were in this area :)

The Beers Family said...

The NE Aquarium is my FAVORITE place! I went so much as a kid and I cant wait to take Alex! He is so close to the age where he will LOVE it!

Helen said...

Oh how I love that last picture of the girls!

Sarah said...

Yes, I highly suggest going during the week.