Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sprinkler - Part I

It is a bit odd to have made it this far through the summer without a heat wave of any sorts. That is what summer in New England is all about. Hazy, hot and humid. Rich and I were watching some news program the other night and there was a blurb about how we have had so few days with temperatures above normal this year. My ability to multi-task has decreased significantly with the loss of my brain due to giving birth to triplets and I was typing on the computer as I was "listening" to the television. I believe they said that there have only been six days in New York City that have registered above what the normal temperature should be.

We lucked out this weekend with only overnight rain and nice days with temperatures in the low eighties. Rich and I thought that the girls might enjoy playing with the new sprinkler that Rich purchased months ago in anticipation of summer. The girls seemed excited to don their bathing suits and swim shoes.

Here they are BEFORE the water was turned on. (Em, Anna, Allie)

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Allie was sprayed in the face when the water came on and instead of turning her head or running away, she stood there in shock. She cried and cried and clung to me as a little monkey would. The poor thing was grumpy for most of our time outside. Anna was sort of sprayed in the face too but she took it better.

The girls decided that they did not like the sprinkler and that sitting on the bench with Daddy was more fun.

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Here's Allie still upset.

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Anna decided to pick "daisies."

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Here's my "arty" photo of Em and her "daisy."

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Finally, Emily, my water-loving baby, decided to give the sprinker a try. And she loved it!

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Part II, with more photos, will have to wait until tomorrow.


Hope's Mama said...

You have such a gift Sarah. Your photos are stunning. Helps the subject matter is pretty damn cute also!

FrenznickFive said...

what a fun sprinkler! my babies would hat it though i'm sure as they FREAK out if they get sprayed in the face! the last two pics are fabulous!

Helen said...

What a fun sprinkler!

When I took the boys to play in the fountains Tyler just stood under one freaking out as it got bigger and bigger. Finally he burst into tears and then wouldn't let me put him down. The next time we went though he was fine!

Jan said...

Great photos!

Wendy said...

So much fun! I think M&L would go nuts if it was sprinkler weather here (which it's not been all summer :( ) We had the pink ruffle butt suit last year, it's so darn cute!