Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Girls' Closet

When the girls were born, we lived in a charming Victorian cottage that dated back to the late 1800's. As with most houses from that time, it lacked closet space. We spent years restoring and renovating that house and unfortunately, we were unable to add closets due to lack of space. We did, however, turn one of the bedrooms into a temporary closet. I spent hours and hours (back when I had hours and hours) researching on the internet and found sturdy free-standing clothing racks.

I did not purchase any baby clothing during my pregnancy with the girls for several reasons but one being that we had a decent supply from Abbey's clothes. After the girls were born, our family and friends generously presented us with baby clothes. So much so, that the clothes began taking over the house. I remember coming downstairs one morning to find stacks of clothes on the dining room table. Rich had folded and stored them there because he did not know where else to put them.

The closet in the nursery was about three and a half feet wide and maybe a foot deep. We had installed shelves but it only held so much and as you can imagine, with three infants we had a lot to be stored. We ended up setting up temporary clothing storage on shelves in the sitting room. I thought I had a picture of the nursery on my laptop but I don't so here's a picture of the dining room instead. (Yes, a bit off topic and random.)

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(Obviously, that picture was taken when the house was staged for resale.)

After we moved, I couldn't stand the thought of the girls' clothes taking over again. Because with three girls, we have a ton of clothes.

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No, the rest of my house is not this neat and organized. My closet isn't even this neat and organized.

The girls are still wearing some size 12 month clothing. Actually, they still wear some 6-9 month pants that now make awesome capris/long shorts. I have washed and placed all of their size 2T clothing in the closet although half of it is really too big for them to be wearing.

You can see now why it is so easy for us to dress them in matching outfits.

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Danielle said...

I am glad you told us that everything else isn't that neat... you were making me feel REALLY bad. Lol. What a GREAT set up! If you ever feel like getting rid of the girls clothes, I will happily have them shipped to Australia! I could deck Zarlee out for a year without even washing! You have some beautiful clothes in there.

Rich said...

Mommy's clothes + girls for three toddlers = daddy being outnumbered! I cannot escape it!!

The Super Bean said...

Oh WOW!! That would be my dream come true. I love organizing clsets. LOL
So many cute clothes. I'd be in heaven!

Pam said...

and see, we have a 3' wide by 1' deep closet for the boys...and THAT's why i don't dress them alike! seriously, it's hard for me to find three matching outfits, but i'll bet if we had a closet like that, we'd have an easier time of it.

am v envious!

Liz said...

Oh, I am so embarrassed now! All three of my triplets have HUGE walk in closets that we don't even use! I have balled up clothes in laundry baskets strategically placed through the house to hide them! I am so ashamed!

Anonymous said...

i ♥ that room