Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Third July

I had started to title this post "Three Julys" but realized that the word "Julys" probably isn't a word. Oh, well. I don't even know why I am telling you this.

The point of this post - this is our third July with the girls! I sometimes look back through old pictures and cannot believe how much they have grown and changed. It is absolutely amazing.

July 2007

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July 2008

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July 2009

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Hope's Mama said...

Gorgeous, as always. It really warms my heart, Sarah.

marciesteeves said...

Happy 3rd July together- many, many more to come!!!

Keith and Jamie said...


BreezieGirl said...

They are absolutely beautiful... and you're quite right! My how they've grown!

Wanna add a whose who?

Wendy said...

so so cute! I love the little shoes and socks in the 09 pic- is that Anna? They just get more beautiful every year.

Mommy, Esq. said...


Sarah said...

LOL on the whose who.

For the 1st pic (2007), they are in birth order - Allie, Anna, Em.

2nd pic (2008) - reverse birth order - Em, Anna, Allie

2009 individual pictures - birth order.

Anonymous said...

I always love to compare this time last year... two years ago... type of thing. I do it often on my blog.
They are so cute... but, you knew that already. :)

SandiH said...

I'm so proud of myself - I figured out the who's who for the last set of pictures before reading Sarah's answer. They're developing such individual personalities that sometimes it shows in their pictures - or maybe that's just the great photographer showing through? :)

BreezieGirl said...

Thanks for the whose who Sarah! :)

I had the 2007 picture right (lucky guess is what I'm thinking!) and Anna right in 2008 and Allie right in 2009...

Maybe if I read your blog long enough I'll eventually get it. :D