Wednesday, June 10, 2009

While Mommy is at work

To: sarah@BigFinancialInstitution
From: grammy@themonkeycage
Subject: Question

Do you know where the other two Triplet Dolls are????
Allie was trying to take Anna's Baby Boy away from her to play with and it started WWIII.
I looked in the van and didn't see them.


To: sarah@BigFinancialInstitution
From: grammy@themonkeycage
Subject: Found other two dollies :-)

I just looked upstairs and found them....
All are happy now.

Grammy was kind enough to take these action photos for me using my camera.

She wants to ensure that I don't miss out on any of the daily activities.

The funniest part to me is that my Speedlight (external flash) needed new batteries so she must have switched out my Speedlight for hers.

Em in purple. Allie in stripes.


kdliberty said...

I love the pictures. I believe you "may" need to move some furniture soon.

Pink-CJ said...

I love it!! I neeed a better camera!

Helen said...


Wendy said...

lol! Yay tissues!!

Liz said...

What is it with tissues and wipes? My daughter can't get enough of them???

Shari said...

The pictures are priceless! My kids used to hijack the tissue box whenever they thought we weren't looking! Adorable babies!