Monday, June 8, 2009

What was I thinking??

Who actually believes that two year olds would have fun at a baby shower? That would be me. I suppose the thought first entered my mind when I discovered that other young ones would be there, including two of the girls' cousins. So I decided to bring the girls (with Grammy's help) to my sister-in-law's baby shower yesterday. This allowed Rich five hours of sweet freedom.

The girls obviously don't understand what a baby shower is but they do know that Baby Maggie will be here later this summer. Grammy picked up the cake on Saturday and emailed me a picture of it. The girls saw the picture on my laptop and started saying "Baby Maggie Happy Birthday cake."

I could have helped myself out by actually organizing a bit the night before but I decided to treat myself to a "foot tubby" Saturday night with a pedicure. It is flip flop season. This means that I spent Sunday morning wrapping up three gifts (two belated birthday gifts in addition to the shower gift) (and I didn't really wrap them either - bags and baskets are my best friend), packing the diaper bag, caring for (and playing with) the girls and making myself presentable.

Here's a list of items I decided I needed to bring with me:
  • Diapers, wipes and 4 cathing kits (for Anna)
  • Plastic bags for diaper or cathing kit disposal
  • Puddle pads
  • Sippy cups
  • Apple juice (in case there isn't any juice there)
  • Crackers (back up snack)
  • Suntan lotion (in case we are outside)
  • The girls' sneakers (in case we are outside)
  • Two extra dresses (in case someone pukes in the car)
  • Sweaters for the girls (in case the temperature drops)
  • Flip flops and a sweater for myself

The girls were very well behaved. Again, I think it's that shock factor that freezes them. That lasted for about an hour and then they started to act like normal toddlers. They would climb up on the bench and then want down and then want back up and then want to get down. Okay, that was my cue to start packing up. I don't see any additional baby showers on the girls' schedule for the near future.

Seeing as all the ladies of the house were dressed up, Rich made an attempt to take some pictures of us before we left the house. We were running a few minutes behind schedule and the girls were more interested in running around so the pictures are "entertaining." I'll post those tomorrow as I have not had time to edit. Stay tuned....


Lani said...

I always wonder what is going on when I get somewhere with the kids and they are acting all subdued. We went to get haircuts a few weeks ago and I couldn't believe how still they sat, totally unlike them- and then I realized- it is the shock factor, getting used to a new place. Whatever it is, I like it!

Helen said...

Oh my gosh you brought a lot of stuff! Did you use a suitcase? ;)

Sarah said...

LOL Helen. We actually threw stuff in the some bags. The van can hold a lot.