Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Running (out of excuses) Journal

For the week of May 31, 2009

Monday - 3 miles, treadmill

That's it. I was on the injured list for the remainder of the week.

After my 3.5 mile run last Saturday (May 30th), I felt great but my first steps on Sunday morning were met with a stiff left ankle. The ankle I twisted during my fall. I found it odd because I had not been bothered during my run the night before. I swallowed my daily dose of Motrin and the stiffness eventually wore off. My ankle felt fine on Monday so I decided to run. Probably a mistake. My ankle bothered me during the entire run but I finished the 3 miles anyway. I decided to take a few days off from running to allow some healing time. A few days turned into the week. Such is life.

I ran last night. I'm back.


Pink-CJ said...

What kind of camera do you use?

Lani said...

Right there with ya:) A few days always turns into a week! I'm going to try to go tonight!

Sarah said...

Pink-CJ, I use the Nikon D50. Check out my sidebar - I list out all my camera equipment.

Go, Lani!!