Sunday, June 7, 2009

Harnesses and Cones

Yesterday was a big day for us in terms of trying out some new stuff with the girls. We purchased these backpack buddy harnesses (aka toddler leashes) to use at certain places (like the zoo.) I know that there is a lot of controversy out there surrounding these harnesses. It is what it is. I believe in each family doing whatever they feel is necessary. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of them but we are two adults with three two year olds. For safety and sanity, we need something. The girls are usually really good with hand holding but that doesn't always work.


We decided to take a test walk up the street and back. Anna would not wear one. She sometimes acts weird with really fuzzy items and I think she was a little intimidated with the thought of having an animal on her back. She held my hand for the walk.

We found time for some backyard play after the walk. The girls were fascinated with a caterpillar they found underneath the water table. I didn't have the Speedlight attached to the camera so most of these pictures came out dark. Here's a cute one of Allie.

The girls had their very first ice cream cones yesterday as well. They didn't quite understand the concept of eating the cone until I started taking bites for them. It was very messy but they have to learn and enjoy being a toddler.

Here's Em wiping Anna's face for her.

Em. Rich had just wiped her down so she looks fairly clean here. He was taking the clean up as we go approach.


I had to laugh tonight as I drove to the cemetery to water Abigail's flowers. There was a youngish couple with one toddler (maybe three years old.) They crossed the street and as I drove by, I noticed that the little girl was eating an ice cream cone. It was the laugh of someone on the edge of insanity. I wonder what their world is like. One toddler, two adults. I can't even imagine.


Helen said...

Yay for ice cream cones! It looks like the girls loved them :)

Wendy said...

I too, have wondered what life on the other side is like-- but really, how boring is one baby? :P
Great pics, and you know I love the leashes!