Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Video Clip - Introduction to the Toddler Pool

Rich was able to edit some of our videos and created this clip for me to share. Here are the girls with their toddler pool. This was back in April when we had that really hot weekend. The only one to date this year, I believe.

Please note that the water was absolutely frigid, which is why they weren't jumping right in. And notice how the moment I sit down, they start with the, "Mommy Mommy."



Wendy said...

Aww!! I hope it stops raining out that way so the girls get to play in their pool soon. When we fill the water table, we use a couple gallons of warm tap water, then the cold hose water isn't so bone chilling!

Helen said...

I love their adorable swimsuits! I hope it warms up for you guys so you can get more use out of them. I'll send you as much of our heat as you want ;)

Twins' proud godmother said...

they are so cute !!

Pam said...

oh, so so so cute! love their little bathing suits, and hearing their sweet little voices. eep!

(also, my boys would kill for that pool. elephants are their favorite.)

Sarah said...

LOL, Pam - that pool was actually handed down to us from one of Grammy's friends. Gotta love free stuff!!