Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We've got an escapee in aisle 10!

Rich and I needed to run a few errands last night so we decided to do so with the girls in that short period of time between us arriving home and their bedtime. I thought it might be good to get them out of the house and continue with teaching them about walking around stores and in parking lots. Grammy was here to assist which was a huge help.

Our first stop was to purchase a portable sun canopy and to look for outdoor chairs for the girls. Hot weather has been forecasted to start moving in (finally!) and as I said to Rich last weekend, "As a family, we really need to be better about sun protection." We hadn't been able to find what we needed at Target last week so we decided to purchase one from another smaller store in town.

We found the sun canopies in that area right before you actually walk into the store so we spent some time debating over which one would be best. Rich picked up the box and our small parade made our way into the store. There were only three people working at the time and they were all older - think grandparents. I was holding Emily's hand and Grammy ended up with Allie and Anna. From across the rows of cash registers, I hear one of the employees say, "Oh my, they're identical! Are they identical?" I told her yes and then she asked for their names. When I responded with their names, she seemed confused and then said, "Did you just say three names?"

She had only seen Allie and Anna with Grammy and thought that they were twins. I was actually laughing at her reaction because she came running over and couldn't believe that they were identical triplets. She had never seen identical triplets before. Before I had the girls, I had never seen identical triplets either!

We then headed over to the kiddie chairs where the girls thoroughly enjoyed testing out all the chairs for us. Of course, they did not have what we were looking for. This is when the situation became a little sticky. We told the girls that it was time to leave. Well, Emily furrowed her brow in confusion at that statement and then took off running in the other direction.

We did make it out of the store without any meltdowns. My trick was to tell them that Daddy needed help pushing the shopping cart. They were more than willing to assist with that task.

We then stopped at the grocery store for a few items that were needed to finish preparing dinner. We decided to bring the girls in and Grammy and I would walk with them while Rich grabbed the three items. Grammy and I headed over to the deli area while Rich picked up bread in the other direction. He then met up with us which wasn't difficult considering that our parade moves a turtle's pace. He said that it was amazing to be walking a distance behind us and see the reactions of those shoppers we had just passed by.

So all and all, this experience was much better than our mall walk disaster. We did not use the harnesses as I want to teach the girls to hold our hands in stores.

And speaking of exploring, the girls love when we open the gates and give them time to run around the first floor. We did this last Friday night and I was impressed with how well they behaved. They are starting to come out of that "I need to get into everything I'm not supposed to" phase.

Here are some pictures from that night. Allie = teal, Anna = pink, Emily = purple

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Anna (pink pants not visible)

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Emily (purple pants not visible but Lion is)

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Emily (purple pants and Lion not visible)

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Lease said...

It's great that you can have the girls walking in the store. Even if your parade is moving at a turtle's pace, I bet it's still adorable.

Some of the most entertaining reactions to our boys have been when people think we have twins and then do a recount. Guess it shows just how uncommon triplets are and that twins are much more expected.

Helen said...

We've found a little trick that helps us avoid melt downs 9 out of 10 times... We just kind of stumbled into it too :)

Whenever we're about to leave somewhere (or something they're interested in) we say "bye bye fountain" or "bye bye store" and they all say bye bye and we all walk away. Seriously 9 out of 10 times it works!