Monday, June 22, 2009

Attention: We are now mall walkers. Stay to the right.

I wish I could say that we had a lovely Father's Day but the mood was a bit grumpy and sour in our household due to lack of sleep. For everyone. Em has been up early in the morning and at nap for several days now. She is also gnawing on her fingers back where those pesky two-year molars reside.

It was raining yesterday so we ended up packing the girls up in the van to run some errands, including a stop at Babies R Us. On the way home, we decided to stop at the mall and actually walk around. By walk around, I mean that the girls would have their little animal backpack harnesses on. No strollers. There are a few issues with this.
  1. The girls walk sooooo slow and they want to stop and explore every few feet.

  2. One adult walking with two girls is extremely difficult, especially when they take off in different directions.

We walked down to the food court where Rich was able to secure all three baby/toddler seats. I don't know what world I was living in when I thought that we might be able to enjoy a nice snack of cinnamon sugar pretzels. Anna was the only one who did a great job of eating. Em was upset that she couldn't hold the dipping sauce. After she managed to get over that, she decided to dip her pretzel into the carmel and just lick the carmel off of the pretzel. She then transitioned to rubbing the caramel on her lips. It was a bit of a mess.

Leaving the mall was borderline disaster. Rich was trying to walk with Em and Anna and poor Anna fell down a few times. It worked better with me walking with Allie and Em. We eventually had to pick them up and carry them out to the car. Em and Anna were fine with that but Allie flipped out. And I couldn't blame her. She wanted to be a normal toddler with a normal toddler experience of walking around the mall.

I transformed into my favorite mom of multiples, Kate Gosselin, and yelled at Allie when she tried to run out into the parking lot. "Alicenne Hope _ _, this is a parking lot. It is very dangerous and you need to stand here with me." I felt horrible after. I actually apologized to her for not being able to give her a normal toddlerhood. We are trying but I have to tell you that it is so very difficult.

In keeping with our new family tradition of not recognizing holidays besides those involving the girls, Rich received copious amounts of love from the girls for Father's Day. They all said, "Happy Daddy's Day," which was really quite adorable.

I made an attempt at taking pictures of Rich with the girls.

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Allie, Em, Anna

Poor Rich. He just wanted a picture with his girls. In all seriousness though, Rich is an fantastic dad. I read about other dads who don't know how to dress their kids or what to feed them or how to play with them. Not Rich. He cares for them just as well as I do. How many other dads let their wife take a nap even though they, themselves, are exhausted? Rich does. I arrived home tonight to find him playing Ring Around the Rosie with the girls. How could I ask for more?


Helen said...

Gotta love a good dad!! Glad you snagged one of the good ones ;)

I hear you on wanting to give kids a normal toddler hood. It's tough! You should have seen me at the zoo last week pulling the empty Choo Choo behind me while the three boys tugged their leashes in different directions. I'm sure I got some looks and gave some people some great photo memories!

If you figure out the trick to making their life feel normal, let me know. For now I'm just hoping the random "one on one" times they get out in public do it for them.

Hope's Mama said...

Wish Rich could have a pic on Father's Day with all four of his girls.

His Mom said...

I admit I love the pic of Rich and Em, Allie, and Anna. It is such a glimpse into the chaos.

I know you want to give them a normal toddlerhood...but this is their normal. They don't know any different. And look at the built in friends they have. My daughter only has the dog to antagonize.

My husband is pretty good with it all...except the dressing part. He is a bit afraid to dress her for fear she won't match. He will dress her if I lay out the clothes, but picking them out? Yikes. (And he routinely puts her shoes on the incorrect feet ;) )

Goddess in Progress said...

I'm sure it's not the picture he was trying for, but there's something perfectly honest about it. :-)

Sorry the mall was rough. So hard at this age, when they want to be independent but we don't have enough arms to keep them safe.

Karen said...

I agree with "His Mom"....this is normal for the girls. You are so hard on yourself guys are doing such a great job. I really enjoy reading about your adventures. At least you are getting out into the world and not just staying home. It'll get easier. The toddler years are difficult on a good day with one child, so to have that tripled, you guys are doing great! And that is great about Rich being such a hands-on dad. My daughters have a dress that my husband put on them backwards every single time. He just thought it should snap in the back...never mind that there was a tag hanging off the real back!!! And their hair...that's another story! I so enjoy reading your daily adventures. Thank you for sharing your family.

Kara said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile now but never commented. I also have GGG trips, but not identical. We are struggling with the same problems. The girls hate being in their stroller now when we go places but I can't chase them all over the place. It sounds like you and your husband are doing a great job. Don't be too hard on yourself. It was probably just unfamiliar territory and the more you try it the better they will do! Love your blog and all the pics of your beautiful girls!