Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Triplet Picnic

As I mentioned last night, we attended a triplet picnic yesterday. I was very excited to finally meet Marcie and her adorable little girls, Fiona, Hannah and Maya. Rich and I certainly enjoyed meeting other families living the same crazy life that we are and the girls had a blast running around. Based upon conversations we've had with the girls, it appears that their favorite activity was "blowing bubbles." Unfortunately, I fear that they may have consumed more bubbles than they actually blew. When the label says non-toxic, I hope it really means non-toxic.

The weather yesterday was a bit messed up and we were uncertain until that morning as to whether or not the picnic would be canceled. We've had so much rain here these past few weeks and the forecast showed rain ending for Saturday morning but returning later in the day. It was completely overcast on our way there and looked as if it may rain. Right after we arrived, the sky turned sunny with large, puffy clouds and it was HOT. I had dressed the girls in play clothes knowing that they would probably end up messy and dirty. I'm glad I didn't overdress them as I tend do either.

We made it through the day without anyone having a meltdown. We had to feed the girls lunch right after we arrived. There were picnic tables under a covered pavilion area but there was a cement floor and I was afraid that the girls would fall off so we spread out our blanket and set up our beach chairs in the open area. As soon as I realized how hot it was, I was mad at myself for not harassing Rich into buying a sun canopy thingy. Anna ended up having a heat flash after eating and I had to bring her under the pavilion area. Her medication can cause her to have heat flashes. Her face and arms were bright red and she was hot to the touch. Marcie's family gave me a papertowel soaked in cooler water and that seemed to help in cooling Anna down.

As for activities, the girls thoroughly enjoyed running around, sitting in chairs that belonged to other children, attempting to drink lemonade from real cups, blowing bubbles and eating ice cream.

Here's Em sitting in one of our beach chairs. On the way home, Rich said to me, "I don't think we even sat in those chairs." No, we didn't.

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Allie sitting in a chair that did not belong to us.

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We actually brought the Choo Choo Wagon with us but loaded all of our gear into it and allowed the girls to walk while holding hands. When we wanted to leave at the end of the day, the girls were not happy about it so I told them that I needed help pushing the Choo Choo. They were more than happy to help push and pull it back to the van.

I am an admitted overpacker so for this event, I brought long-sleeved shirts, pants, shirts and shorts for the girls. One set each. We quickly changed their clothes before we left as they were soaking wet and covered in chocolate and ice cream. Sometimes being an overpacker has it advantages.


The Bantering Bookworm said...

I stumbled upon your blog last week, and I just wanted to say, "hi". Your daughters are adorable and are blessed to have a mom who records their milestones. My brothers are twins, and my mom didn't have an easy way of recording milestones for them. When your daughters are older, I bet they will really appreciate how much you've put into writing.

Feris said...

Hy! I have been reading your blog for a while now but I think I have never commented before :S sorry!
Your girls are beautiful!I really love your blog :)

Jaime said...

Looks like everyone had a fun time, ice cream and all! We attended a triplet picnic recently ourselves and it was so nice to hang out with others who know what it's like!

Sarah said...

Welcome The Bantering Bookworm and Feris!