Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Toddler Docs and Another Photo Shoot

We've really been pushing the "big girls go to the doctor" idea with the girls. They have the Elmo Goes to the Doctor DVD and two toddler doctor kits. We usually try to discuss Anna's upcoming appointments with the girls as well. As we will be making the trip to see her urologist (aka "The Pee Pee Doctor") in a few months, we've already started preparations for a cry-free appointment. Tonight, Allie referred to him as "Poopy Man" which I suppose is partially correct.

Here's Anna applying a band-aid to her arm.

And Allie listening to Em's heart.

Allie has also been walking around with the toy syringe saying, "Anna, take your medicine."

Okay, onto our Sunday photo shoot.

Allie lounging on the couch.

Allie, Anna, Em

Allie, Em, Anna

Big girls in big girl chairs to have shoes put on.

Allie, Anna


Wendy said...

my favorite set of identical triplet girls. :wink: I love how proactive you are with the doctor stuff, you are such a good momma!

Goddess in Progress said...

I need to get a little doctor set in preparation for their two-year checkup in August. They're definitely at an age where they seem to be benefitting from the advance prep!

BenLand said...

you are so blessed.....they are so cute!! they must be sooo much fun to be around :)

Pam said...

good god, they have the cutest smiles. and they are wearing different colored socks! a HA! that's your secret! hee hee!