Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Lion Bite You" and some other updates

Em ended up in our bed again the other night. I honestly believe that the culprit was a nightmare. When I first heard her crying she was saying, "Take tiger, take tiger," which I found to be odd. She likes to keep a stuffed animal tiger in her crib. As I was sitting next to her crib trying to calm her down, her little arm reached through the crib slats and she handed me Little Lion. "Take Lion."

I crept back to bed when I thought she had fallen back asleep. She started crying a few minutes later so into our bed she went.

The next morning, as Em and I cuddled in bed, I asked her why she had awakened last night. Was something bothering her? She responded with, "Lion bite you." I asked her if she had had a bad dream but she didn't understand what I was asking her. Instead she started in with, "Poo poos. Big girl potty." I wasn't going to fall for that again.

I should note that the girls still say "you" instead of "me." For example - "Hold you" when they want me to hold them.

And the big news is that Anna was able to climb up onto the rocker/glider chair in the girls' bedroom without any assistance. Em and Allie love climbing up there and "woking." I actually didn't see Anna climb up there but I did see her attempt to jump while standing on the very edge of the chair. She was facing the other way and started to fall backwards. Rich, THANKFULLY, was right there and caught her.

After the whole incident, Rich said to me, "Well, the good part of it was that she was able to climb up there by herself."

I should note that Anna says, "Thump thump," when she's jumping. It is very cute.

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Keith and Jamie said...

Too CUTE! I love the "lion bite you" for "me"...Just FYI, your shirts are on their way, should arrive on Friday.