Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sleeping - Part 732

The statement running around our house these days is "one step forward, twenty steps back." Bedtime is not becoming any easier. The girls started in with their delay tactics a few months ago. If I ever need any proof that two year olds are intelligent, I have it. It sometime starts before we even make it into their bedroom. "Wa-ta. Wa-ta." We've fallen into the habit of giving them sippie cups of water in their crib. I know, something we will regret come potty training time. For now, I don't mind as there are days when they don't drink all that much.

Their other tactics include telling us that they have pooped (and sometimes Anna has), that they want a hug or they'll chug their water and then want more. Or sometimes they only drink a few sips of water but have to have more. We "fake fill" quite frequently. "Sure. I'll get you more water." I'll step into the hall, wait a few seconds and then return with the same amount of water. They usually don't know the difference.

They also keep trying to convince me to sleep on their floor. And I don't want to get into that habit. I explained to them that I have a bad back and need to sleep in the big bed in my room. Yeah, they really understood that.

Their bedtime routine includes three stories with Mommy, Daddy (and sometimes Grammy) on the loveseat in Mommy and Daddy's room. We then bring them to their cribs and spend at least five minutes talking and giving hugs, etc. Then we leave and they cry it out (or they chat, on a good day.) When the crying becomes out of control, we check to see what the issue is. I usually send Rich up to check on them because they don't freak out as much when he leaves.

Rich ended up in their room last night until they fell asleep. I think, unfortunately, that more often than not Allie just wants to sleep and the other two are disturbing her. Last night, Em fell asleep first but Anna kept making noise. Rich was in there so I didn't hear her but Rich tells me that Allie told Anna to go to sleep.

Tonight I ran on the treadmill in the basement after we "tucked" the girls in for the night. After my run, I rummaged through some bins of my clothes that no longer fit looking for something, anything, that might possibly fit. Allie was still crying when I returned to the main part of the house. So much so that Rich gave them all Tylenol. And then Rich had to return to their room again. Allie and Anna wanted more water. They actually quieted down and fell asleep without him bringing the sippie cups back to them.

They've been gnawing on their fingers for what seems like months now. I purposely watched Anna tonight during storytime and she was chewing back where those two year molars are. I'm convinced that this is the issue.

Can any of you with children over the age of two tell me that this will resolve itself? They are just miserable at bedtime and they are not sleeping nearly as much as they should. They wake up grumpy and crying and have "moments" through out the day. Please tell me this will change. Soon!


Danielle said...

This will change! Soon! My middle one, Billie was exactly the same as your girls! I was getting up to her more than I was to my newborn. She too had (and still has) a sippy cup of water. She never slept through the night until she was just over two. I would, most nights, go into her ever hour. And had a new born. It was hell. Then, one night, I had enough, and just let her cry and cry. I closed her door, my door, and wore ear plugs. I fell asleep through exhaustion, and she did too. I don't know whether it was the change in me, or her, but after that night, she cut back her crying sessions, and is now a great sleeper. And, we have toilet tained, and she still has her water. It is not an issue at all. She rarely wets the bed, only when she is exhausted, and that has nothing to do with her water, as she doesn't touch it. I dohope your girls start sleeping for you soon. Try to remember that no one has ever died from lack of sleep, but that it IS a form of torture..... good luck!

Anonymous said...

At age two, one of my sons was a terrible sleeper. It changed at about 2 1/2 and now at 3 he is as close to normal as it probably gets. :)

Although... come to think of it, neither of my boys ever got their 2 year molars.

Pink-CJ said...

Your girls are beautiful! I just read you story. Amazing. I found you commenting on Jax and Brady's Jouney. I have twin boys(fraternal). I was hoping that I could start follwowing your blog! Gosh, 3. I can barely survive 2! Anyways, the sleeping story seem crazy and not fun. Good Luck with that and I hope it resolves itself soon. I wouldnt' have any idea what to do.

Kristin said...

You mean I don't have hope until he's 2 or 3. My little man despises bedtime. I was hoping for a reprieve soon. I hope you get one!

Liz said...

Two out of our three tripelts do the same thing! I miss the days when they would simply pass out at 6:30pm and sleep until 7am! Now bedtime is party time!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. And of course, I love all new followers! The past 2 nites the girls have only calmed down when Rich removes the sippies to get them more water and they fall asleep waiting for his return - go figure.