Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Extra cute stuff (and pictures)

It's that time again. Time for me to talk about what the munchkins have been up to. Cute stuff only.

The girls love to sing. Their favorite songs are Twinkle, Twinkle and the ABC song. And we've been singing Happy Birthday a lot lately. They do bop their heads up and down as they sing, which is so freaking adorable.

In addition to teaching them their last name, we've taught them their middle names as well. Anna still can't say Abigial. For awhile there, she was pronouncing it Agaba. Now, she has progressed to Agabail. I know, it is still so cute. One night last week, we were asking them their names during bedtime conversation and Allie, very seriously and without hesitation or prompting from me, said, "Anna Abigail, Alya Hope, Emmy Blessing." Anna sometimes calls herself "Anna Blessing" to which I always reply, "Yes, Anna, you are a Blessing."

That's Allie modeling the latest toddler fashion statement.

Just this weekend I caught sight of Allie playing with Elmo in a very big girl way. She was sitting on the floor with Elmo in the doll stroller while reading to him. Not just pretending to read but actually taking time to hold the book up so that Elmo could see certain pictures. Allie lately has been a little OCD (I wonder where she gets that from?) with the magazines. We usually plop the magazines onto the floor in a somewhat neat pile for the girls to go through. Well, Allie likes for that pile to stay neat with all the magazines stacked just so. If they start to slide over, she freaks out until we fix it.

Anna started with "Anna first" a few weeks ago and now it has caught on with all three. So if I ask, "Who wants to go outside?" Anna will run to the gate saying, "Anna first. Anna first." The other girls now join in. Ah, the life of a triplet - always waiting in line for something. For the most part, Anna can be the best behaved and doesn't receive as many scoldings or time outs as the other two. She often reminds me of who has had a time out or gives herself time outs. It's quite entertaining. And if one of her sisters won't go stand against the picture wall when Mommy asks, Anna will run over to her sister and say, "Come on."

Em is my climber. Although, I'm very lucky that it has been limited to outdoor toys and chairs and the couch when no one is looking. She was the first to figure out how to pull up on the counter of their play kitchen as well. I do have to add that when Em runs around, she doesn't watch where she is going, which has lead to a few accidents. And she's the biggest offender on the biting list. She was being quite helpful last night stacking their number floor tiles and became very upset when Allie took one.

While dressing Em in her pajamas last night, I noticed that she had a new bite mark on her arm. When asked, Grammy informed me that Allie had been mad at Em about something and bit her but Grammy had made Allie apologize. Em starts saying, "I sorry. I sorry," and goes over to hug Allie. This happens quite frequently in our house. They haven't figured out that apologies work the other way!


Pam said...

gah. they are so cute. and pretty. they're little girls! beautiful. :) i love that they know their middle names. i don't even know if my boys know their first names yet. yeesh.

Lani said...

Those little faces.... I can't get over the cuteness:)

Twins' proud godmother said...

Anna's picture is very beautiful !!

Alexandra's Mommy said...

Very cute little girls!