Friday, May 8, 2009

Mommy's New Bed

Believe me, I wish I was talking about some enormous, king size, soft and fluffy bed but I'm not. The girls have decided that my new bed should be in the middle of their room. They won't even give me a mattress but Em did offer up a "towel" tonight.

We separated the girls' cribs earlier this week. For my new readers or those who have simply forgotten, we had pushed the girls' cribs together many months ago. I decided that the time to separate had arrived after I found Allie pulling Anna's hair out of her head through the crib slats.

Allie woke up at 4:15 this morning. Screaming. Rich was able to decipher that she wanted more water in her sippie and fulfilled her request with a "fake fill" from the bathroom sink. She really didn't need more water. She then wanted Rich to sit in the floor next to her crib but he couldn't figure that out before her screams awakened her sisters.

Enter Mommy. I "slept" curled up on their floor until all three were back asleep. I was freezing and managed to cover up with a few baby blankets I found. There's no clock in their so imagine the look on my face when I strolled into my room to see the clock blinking 6:00. That's when our alarm goes off. No more sleep for Mommy or Daddy.

The girls tried to insist that I take my place on the floor tonight when we brought them into their room at bedtime. Yeah, not tonight. Actually, Mommy feels like she's going to puke which could be from exhaustion or this irritable bowel thing I've got going on. And with that, I end this post to head off to bed. My bed. With sheets, blankets and pillows.

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Wendy said...

I'm so sorry you guys are having hard nights; I can only imagine how wiped out you must feel. I hope they get to STTN, without momma soon. I hope you feel better soon as well!