Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Survived Saturday!

I did throw up last night approximately five minutes post blog update. I then crawled into bed and promptly fell asleep. Sleeping through the night for me is impossible but I think I was only awakened two or three times. Em started the party at 6:30 this morning when "ion" fell out her crib. "Ion, Ion, ION!" I politely asked Rich if I could stay in bed to sleep and hopefully emerge from my den headache free a few hours later. He accommodated my request.

I haven't thrown up again but I did feel shaky and just "yucky" on and off today. I think I may be one of those celebrities who has to check herself into the hospital for "exhaustion."

Rich had to work this afternoon which means that it was just me and the girls. And I needed to go to Target. I thought long and hard and decided that Rich could do without a birthday card. I know, I'm such a great wife. You see, the only triple stroller we have is the jogger, which doesn't fit down store aisles and I really, physically, did not see myself hauling the Choo Choo Wagon in and out of the van and loading the girls in and out of the van. Never mind all the comments and questions we would receive while in the store. I called Rich at work to check in and told him that I opted to take the girls for a walk seeing as puking on the side of the road was probably better than doing so in Target. He agreed.

I tried to take some pictures of the girls in their cute "book worm" shirts. Anna decided that they should stand in front of the couch.

Em did not want to participate.

And then when she finally realized that, no, they would not be going in the Choo Choo Wagon but the stroller, she started crying, "Choo choo waa gon."

I did feel bad but I wanted to take them for a real LONG walk not just up and down the street. I am no shape to haul that wagon all over town.

Allie jumped in with hugs only to pitch a fit herself ten minutes later when she too realized that they would not be going in the Choo Choo Wagon.

The girls are staring at the neighbor's two little dogs.

They are afraid of dogs. I wonder where they get that from? I honestly can't remember how it started but they believe that all animals are going to "get their bum bums." So when they see dogs, they say, "Bum bum. Bum bum," while patting their behinds. I've told them a million times not to worry, that the doggies will get my bum bum first.
I need to point out that in the above photo, Anna is wearing two different socks, Allie is wearing Halloween socks and Em's shoes are undone.


Shari said...

I read your blog regularly and love it. It puts things into perspective for me. I know the comments probably get on your last nerve, but if I was out in public what is a comment that you would like to hear? You see, I make comments when I see cute kids. I just want to make sure I am not offending those that have multiples, etc. All the time, I still hear "you have your hands full" and my kids are 10,8,and 6. I had them all in three years and got asked if they were triplets a few times when sitting the cart.

Nicole O'Dell said...

I'm so sorry you felt so horrible! I hope you're better today. Good for you for getting the kids out anyway--and for taking pictures!

Happy Mother's Day!

Sarah said...

Hi Shari - We've learned to live with the comments and stares. We are always polite to people and answer their questions, etc. The best comments are those from people in passing - they don't expect us to stop and give them our whole story. And I, too, comment when I see cute kids AND I've even asked moms if their kids were twins or triplets. We have had a few incidents where the girls were getting fussy and people keep stopping us - making it hard to get out of the store. And for some reason, whenever we have the choo choo out - people ALWAYS ask questions about the wagon as well.

Anonymous said...

Haha... I love the way Allie is hugging Em, not realizing WHY she is crying, and proceeding to cry herself. So cute.

I wonder why there are only tandem or side by side triple strollers. Why does no one make triple strollers in triangle formation- two in the back, one in front. That way it would only be two seats wide and two seats long.

Sarah said...

GAMZu - you should patent that stroller! I would buy it.

Anonymous said...

Ha- even if I'd do it, I doubt it would ever materialize before your girls are way out of strollers. Unless you plan on having another set of triplets. :O :D