Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Look at that cute little girl."

We finally had some good weather yesterday. Finally!! However, the girls were awake yesterday morning very, very early. It all started at 5:36 AM and we were in full meltdown mode by 5:45. I sent Rich back to bed after he helped with morning diaper changes. When he woke up, I went to take a nap while Rich brought the girls out for a walk.

I awakened to find all three munchkins playing outside while Daddy dug up a baby tree that needed to be moved because of the fence. Of course, when I joined the outside party, the girls immediately started acting up. I swear they do it because they know it freaks me out. For example, Anna ran down the slide and ended up face down in the yard. Allie loves to pick up rocks and act like she's going to pop them in her mouth. And Em loves to climb into and on top of everything.

As Anna and I were sitting at the tiny picnic table, I broke the bad news that she would need to go to yet another doctor's appointment that afternoon. You should have seen the look she gave me!

I just adore the fact that the girls are so close. Allie and Em were visibly upset that Anna was leaving them for an appointment. We put those two in their cribs for a nap before we left and they kept crying, "Anna. Anna."

Here are some pictures of Anna in her "girl scout" dress before we left.

(Please excuse the shadow. I'm having issue with the speedlight in the side position.)
Rich and I find life to be so interesting when we are out with just one of the girls. First of all, it is so easy!! If we had just one child, life would be a breeze. The car ride to the hospital was like a mini vacation and I barely had to get out of my chair in the waiting room. What a difference!

What we also like is when strangers, who have no idea that Anna is a triplet, make nice comments. As we were waiting for the doctor, who was forty minutes late I might add, I overheard two of the office workers talking about Anna. "Look at that cute little girl over there by the play kitchen. Look at her ponytail, how it is sticking straight up like that. Look at that dress. That's a really cute outfit."

This was just an annual neurology appointment. As I explained to Anna, they just want to make sure her head is working okay. The resident and the assisting student thought she was hysterical. Anna was pointing out pictures such as coffee and lotion from a magazine. We also had the doctor pull up Anna's CT scan from December on the computer so we could have someone tell us that her brain looks okay. That's one benefit of having most of her doctors at the same hospital - all of her records, everything really, is easily accessible to them. He told us that her left ventricle appeared to be a little big but not to the point where we should have any concerns.


Hope's Mama said...

I'm glad to hear Anna is doing well. And they are cute all together, and cute on their own. I can imagine it does feel nice to have them looked at as individuals out in public though.
And yes, loving that dress!

Pam said...

Love the dress! And yeah, it's so nice to take one baby out and still hear them being called cute, when it's not just because they're one of a matching set of three. :P

Anonymous said...

Well, if you had one, it would still be as hard for you as having three. Only when you have three can you appreciate how easy one is.
I have three kids (one at a time ;)!)
And I thought one was pretty tough. When I had my 2nd, sometimes my mother would take one or another and I'd be left with one child for a few hours. WOW! It felt so easy.
And now the same with my 3. When one or two are away, it seems so much easier, but of course it's just perspective.
The dress is great, BTW!

Helen said...

Yes! I had almost an identical experience (ha! identical!) when I took just one of my boys grocery shopping. It was SO nice to just hear compliments about him instead of remarks about the triplets (not that I mind those either).

Rachael said...

good news on the appt.! isn't it fun to have one baby for a day? :)