Sunday, April 26, 2009

It doesn't get any easier!!

I had a few different titles in mind for tonight's blog post: Weekend Recap - Part I, Project Baby Runway or Summer is here! I decided upon the title as you see it because the past three mornings have been terrible. If you have triplets and they are less than two years old, I hate to tell you but it doesn't get easier. They will fool you between the ages of 18 months and two years. Oh yes, you will believe that it is getting easier. They will start sleeping consistently through the night and not awakening until at least 7:00 AM. They are just showing you how easy it can be.

Here are the girls' wake up times for the past three mornings:

Friday - 5:36 AM
Saturday - 5:41 AM
Sunday - 4:53 AM

Rich was in their room from 5:10 to 6:00 this morning - they would not go back to sleep. He was awesome enough to offer to let me sleep for a few more hours both yesterday and this morning. Although, yesterday it didn't go so well. One of our neighbors is having an addition put on their house and with it being Saturday, I didn't think any construction vehicles would be disturbing my sleep. Think again.

When I finally dragged myself out of bed, Rich had returned from a run with the girls. I saw them out in the yard so I opened the bathroom window and yelled to Rich, "Should I go find a bridge to jump off of now or should I wait until tomorrow morning?"

The best part of this weekend was the weather and the opportunity for the girls to play outside. They love it outside.

Here's how I found Em when I joined the girls outside yesterday morning.

I should note that at 10:00 yesterday morning it was about 62 degrees.

As with all outdoor play, we eventually have to go in the house.

The bad part of this weather is all the outfit changes. The girls' shirts were filthy after playing outside. So much so that we had to change them into some type of weather appropriate jammies for nap. Here's Em modeling.

Different outfits for afternoon play - it was finally warm! (Thanks to cousins Erin, Tyler and Madison for the outfits.)

Here are the girls in their new cottage.




Anna again.

Allie - (I know, they decide to pose against the worst backgrounds.)


You may think that by waking up early, they would at least take very long naps. Again, not the case. Yesterday, nap was about an hour and a half. Today, they all started crying after 30 minutes. I said, "There is no way in ___ that nap is over." They all fell back asleep within 10 minutes but that only lasted for another 40 minutes. I took that time to create a new blog banner because I just didn't feel like doing anything.
How is it possible that I need more sleep than two year olds? Is that possible? Allie has been a mess for the past four days. That child needs sleep. She somehow managed to rub suntan lotion into her left eye both yesterday morning and this morning. I felt really bad for her. She kept rubbing her eye and walking around with it half open. Thankfully, it was all clear by the afternoon.
Both Allie and Em earned time-outs yesterday. Allie for picking up rocks and acting as if she was going to pop them in her mouth and Em for standing up in the choo choo wagon. Em is the only one who can climb into the wagon by herself. That's fine but we told her over and over that she cannot stand up on the seat while she's in there. Anna kept walking around saying, "Alya time-out. Emmy time-out." That one doesn't miss a thing!
I'm convinced that their two year molars are coming up. Both Allie and Anna are chewing on their fingers back where those teeth would come in. They don't seem to care about their upper incisors which are finally breaking through.
I'll have pictures from today to post tomorrow. I haven't had time to upload them yet.
Tomorrow is Monday. Do we want to guess what time the girls will sleep until tomorrow? I'm betting it will be past 7:00 AM. That's always the way around here.


Helen said...

Oh those are terrible wake up times! Yuck! The outfits are adorable though!

Anonymous said...

I just unpacked my boys' summer clothes and was wondering why they need 15 pairs of shorts and at least 20 shirts EACH. Then I remembered- yeah, between sprinklers, sand, dirt... they need 2-3 outfits a day.

I love the opposite shirt/skirt combos! Adorable.