Friday, April 24, 2009

Just when I thought I had seen it all...

We all know that little ones tend to fall asleep in odd places. We've had many mini high chair naps during meals in our house.

Another favorite place was the activity center.

Or in the car (when naps in the car are not allowed - yes, we went through that in our house). You can see below that this worked out real well for us. We went through a phase (I guess we are still going that phase) where the girls would take a 10 minute power nap in the car and then refuse to take a real nap (whatever that is). For this picture - By the time I arrived home after running errands, Anna was asleep and continued to sleep even when I brought her into the house. You better believe that she was wide awake when I tried to get her into her crib.

I thought I had seen it all until yesterday. The girls were awake and screaming before 6:30 AM and then we had the pediatrician appointment, where enormous amounts of energy were expended with screaming and kicking. They were beyond exhausted come nap time. Allie and Em were basically asleep with their eyes open during lunch.

I waited until I was positive that they were all asleep for their nap and then went to check in on them. I knew from listening to Anna and Em's little party that Allie had most likely been the first asleep.

This is how I found her...

I have to tell you that my heart stopped. I could only see her back from the doorway so I ran over to check on her. I started breathing again when I saw that she was okay, just sleeping. Instead of immediately moving onto her tummy, I ran downstairs to grab my camera. I just couldn't resist. I then moved her - she didn't wake up at all.

She has never ever fallen asleep like this and wouldn't know that Grammy tells me that she did this again today. Rich and I had Anna at a doctor's appointment. Unfortunately for Grammy, Allie did wake up when she tried to move her. And didn't fall back asleep for another 45 minutes!


Hope's Mama said...

That's just adorable Sarah!

Megan said...

Oh I laughed when I saw your little girl sleeping sitting up in her crib! So cute!!!

Nicole O'Dell said...

How cute!

Inanna said...


I can STILL sleep like that... anywhere, anytime! (Have to learn to do it, when you're a doula :)