Thursday, April 23, 2009

2 Yr Pediatrician Appointment x 3 - YIKES!

Six months ago, at the girls 18-month pediatrician well-baby visit, Dr. V explained to me that usually around two years of age, toddlers stop flipping out at these appointments and that he becomes their best friend. Well, today was not that day.

We started gearing up for this appointment a few days ago by telling the girls that we would be visiting Dr. V to play some games with him. At first Allie replied, "Anna's doctor." She thought she was off the hook. I had to explain that he was her doctor as well. We practiced opening our mouths and being measured and saying, "Hello, Dr. V."

Yeah, that worked well.

Thank goodness Grammy was with me to assist. Allie and Em were hanging onto me like little monkeys. At one point, I was pulling something out of my bag and barely holding onto Allie because her arms and legs were wrapped around me. It was ridiculous.

Here are their stats:

Weight- approximately 22.5 pounds - about 5th percentile
Height - 32.5 inches - just under 25th percentile

Weight - 20 pounds, 2 ounces - not on the charts
Height - 31 inches - not on the charts

Weight - 21 pounds, not on the charts
Height - 32 inches - about 10th percentile

The issue, again, is Anna's weight and now Emily's weight. Yes, it's okay for two year olds to be small but the main concern is that they have fallen away from their own growth curve. My weight today was 107 pounds so I really don't expect the girls to be big kids but they need to stay close to a "normal" growth curve. We've expanded Operation Fat Baby to Operation Fat Babies.

Their doctor, at first, was going to switch Allie to 2% milk and keep Anna on whole milk. Then when Emily's weight came up short, he told me to keep them all on whole milk. They all drink out of each other's cups so I don't know how that would work. And interestingly enough, he told me that I could move Anna's car seat to front facing now. I told him that the girls' car seats allow for rear facing up to 30 pounds so we've decided to keep them that way for now.

Here are some photos from this morning. The girls were excited to wear dresses from Aunt Amelia and Uncle Don. They kept trying to say Aunt Amelia - it sounded like "A Meal."

Emily, Allie and Anna

It's usually easy to tell who Em is. She carries around Little Lion.

They only cooperate for so long. Anna started this with, "I sit."

And here's Allie pulling out Anna's pony. Look at her face!

And a super-cute one of Anna.

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Pam said...

oh, those dresses are so cute! hmmm. you make me contemplate cross-dressing my children. :P