Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm two years old "professional" photo shoot

I just spent the past hour sorting through and editing the girls' pictures from the first part of their two year old photo shoot. I own and use a good camera (Nikon D50) and an external flash but, unfortunately, I haven't had the time to really learn to do what I need to do. And this photo shoot was a little frustrating in that there is only one empty wall in our house to use a background for these type of photos.

So here there are. I'm not completely happy but the photos are decent. I think, in the future, I need to ditch the white sheet as a background - it always ends up looking grey. At least the girls cooperated. Somewhat. I have some funny shots from Grammy and Papa's house on Easter that I'll have to post later. Papa has a real backdrop and we tried another photo shoot. That one did not go well at all. It was fun though.

Allie is in yellow.
Anna is in pink.
Em is in bright flowers.

Wanted to note that, yes, Em has a zit. Her little cheeks are really chapped from the extended cold weather and she ended up with some type of baby zit. I didn't edit it.


Twins' proud godmother said...

cute pics !! they are adorable !

mtc92405 said...

Oh my - ADORABLE!!
Stumbled on your blog - what cuties you have!

Helen said...

Boy are they beautiful little girls!

BreezieGirl said...

I found your blog today via 4 Little Men & Girly Twins today and I think I read almost the entire thing... your girls are adorable and your writing is wonderful! I'm looking forward to following your story.

Sarah said...

Thanks, everyone. Hello and welcome to my new readers!!!

Anonymous said...

You have a really nice blog! Cute girls and great photos.

I just wanted to tell ya not to give up on the white sheet idea yet. Check in your camera's manual how to do "custom white balance."
It's very easy. You just focus on the white sheet and press whatever button the manual tells you to, and the white will be really white.
This pic is of my son's hair on his white shirt:
I got it so white with the custom white balance.

Also, I don't know how large your zoom is, but mine is 10x, and I find that keeping the subject at a distance from the wall, and keeping yourself at a distance from the subject and using zoom makes for better photos. It kinda blurs the background.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the white balance tip. I haven't had time to mess around with my wb settings. The zoom on my "everyday" lens isn't that large. With the munchkins only posing for so long, I didn't have time to change lenses or move around too much.

Anonymous said...

That's one thing that's keeping me from buying a DSLR (except the $$ ;)).
I don't want to mess with different additions like lenses and flashes. I went for the most professional camera I could find that is still as simple to use as a P&S (Canon SX100 IS).