Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cute Stuff and Cute Pictures (of course!)

The girls continue to do and say the funniest things so I thought I would talk about that a little bit as I'm sure years from now, I'll have forgotten the details if not properly documented.

Grammy was watching the girls the other day and when Rich and I returned home, she informed us that Allie had decided to climb into the singleton doll stroller, while Grammy was catheterizing Anna, and flipped over cutting her lip. As she is telling us the story, Allie starts making her pouty face and acts as if she is hurt. When I asked her about the accident, she pointed over to the stroller and said, "Right here. Right here." Then she says, "I show you. I show you," and starts to climb into the stroller again!

I still can't quite figure it out but sometimes Allie's babies sleep on their tummy and sometimes they sleep on their backs. I love walking into their room and seeing how creative they've been with lining up their babies. Last week, I found all of Allie's babies on their backs so I asked her what the babies were doing. She said, "Nighy nigh," so I flipped one over onto it's tummy and asked, "Doesn't the baby sleep like this?" She responded with, "Nooooooooooo."

All three will cradle a doll or stuffed animal in their arms and attempt to sing Rock-a-bye, baby. Allie is the best at it and does it quite often. She sings, "Rock a baby. Rock a baby." The other night she was doing this with a stuffed tiger animal and singing, "Rock a tiger."

The girls were running around last night in their diapers as we were gathering up their jammies. Allie not only took her diaper off but she walked over and threw it away in the plastic bag we keep hanging next to the diaper changing station in the family room. I thought it was beyond hysterical.

I'm blind without contacts or glasses and 99% of the time, I wear my contacts. My glasses are quite beat up and bent out of shape and I only like to use them in the middle of the night. If I try to wear them during the day, I end up with a headache. So in the mornings, I usually tell the girls that I need to put my eyes in. Sunday morning, all three were awake and screaming at 6:30 AM. This is how it played out: Em was awake early and talking, which awakened one of her sisters. Obviously someone was mad about the early wake-up call and started screaming and crying, leading all of them to start screaming and crying. The downside to room sharing. Rich went in there while I went to put my contacts in. When I walked into their room, Rich was rocking Allie and Em and Anna was standing quietly in her crib waiting for me. As I picked Anna up, she pointed to my eye (almost poking me) and said, "Eyes. Eyes." "Yes, Mommy put her eyes in."

I love watching them interact with their dolls. The other night Anna was rocking one while feeding it water from her sippie cup. And last night, I had a doll on it's tummy next to Anna while trying to calm her down in her crib. The girls like to have their backs rubbed. So as I rubbed Anna's back, she rubbed the doll's back. So cute.

And what has Em been up to lately? Well, she likes to fill her mouth up with milk and then spray it out of her mouth.

I usually tease the girls and call them "missy" if they start acting silly. For example, I will call out "misssssy" if the girls are running around the first floor and one of them hides. Em loves being "missy." She'll run around calling herself "missy. missy."

Em's favorite lovey continues to be Little Lion. I can't count how many times we've had to go into their room at night because "ion" has fallen out of her crib.

I took these pictures yesterday and thought that they were too cute to not share. Grammy and Papa gave the girls this easel for their birthday. Yes, the third picture down is Anna about to eat her crayon. And yes, she uses her left hand quite often. I'll have to post about that and how we believe my egg that created these munchkins split.

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