Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Day Cake and Bunny Ears

Here are pictures of the girls' "smash" cakes, after the fact.

Not really smashed at all.

In fact, they wouldn't even touch them at first.

We had to give them forks!!!

How girly is that?? Em (with the purple 2) finished early. I think Anna (pink) ate the most. Kind of ironic considering her recent weight gain issues.
So remember how those triplet doll strollers were on sale back before Christmas for $28 each? We purchased three of them (yes, we've learned our lesson) and kept them hidden away in the basement. The girls had fun pushing their babies around the family room but I think it will work better outside with more space.

And I had to include these bunny ear photos. Enjoy!


FrenznickFive said...

oh no I only bought ONE of those triple doll strollers!! when I bought it my babies were only 9 months and not fighting over everything now at 13 months i know we need three of everything uh oh i'm going to be in trouble when they get it for their birthday next year!

Pam said...

my niece love their triple strollers. they are so cute!

love the cake pictures. my littlest ate the most of his too.

Helen said...

I love the triplet doll strollers!

Inanna said...

The smile in that last pic is the most darling ever... what a sweetie!

Sarah said...

The new rule in our house is "3 of everything." The fighting drives me crazy. They are good about sharing but I can see how it would be hard to share some things.

Helen - yes, we are in the Boston area!

Thanks for the comments, everyone!!

Stacey said...

Oh my gosh where did you find those strollers? Please drop by my very not updated blog and let me know. My girls would love them!