Monday, March 30, 2009


Can you believe that I had to leave another note on a stupid driver's car window again yesterday? Two days in a row!! I think the last time I left a note on someone's window was approximately ten years ago in a Boston parking garage. The parking spaces were very narrow and someone parked their car so close to mine that I couldn't open the driver's door enough to get in. I had to climb through the passenger door. So anyway, back to yesterday. This woman went right through a stop sign going into the Target parking lot. She didn't slow down; she didn't even turn her head the slightest bit to look in our direction. Luckily, we were far enough away that Rich didn't have to slam on his brakes. I watched her drive around the parking lot waiting for a front row spot while we unloaded the girls. I left a nice note reminding her of the stop sign there.

Anna had her gastro follow-up appointment early this morning, which means we had to wake her up early, which means that her sisters woke up early. They were just so cute this morning. Allie and Em were all concerned and upset that Daddy and I were leaving with Anna. As I was putting Anna's sneakers on, the other two started crying. They wanted their sneakers on as well. In the car, Anna kept saying, "Grammy, Alya, Em." Too cute.

Of course, Anna puked in the car on the way there.

We pretty much received all good news today. Operation Fat Baby appears to be working. Anna weighed in at just over 20 pounds. We think it was 20 pounds, 2 ounces. That's a gain of nine ounces in a month. Her bloodwork results were negative although the doctor keeps harping on Celiac Disease saying that it may not show up in her bloodwork until she is a little bit older. The nutritionist gave us a listing of high calorie foods and we've been told to concentrate on calories, which is kind of what we have been doing. Enter the donut holes and milkshakes.

We are thrilled with her weight gain as small as it may be. The doctor wasn't as excited as we were though. He said that for her to be back in the third percentile, she should weigh 23 pounds. I don't think Allie weighs 23 pounds and she's bigger than Em so we know that Em doesn't weigh 23 pounds. We'll see what happens with their two year check-up in a few weeks. At least I know I'll walk out of there knowing what I weigh!

Oh, and we found out yesterday that the girls know how to use a straw. Rich and I each had an Icee at Target and the girls took a few sips. They liked it at first and then they decided that they didn't like the coldness of it. But they can use a straw.

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