Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rush, rush

I don't know what it is but it seems like we are always in a rush. If we go somewhere, we are always late in leaving and when we get to where we are going, we are always rushing around. I suppose I shouldn't say that I don't know why this is - it's having three little ones who are on a feeding and nap schedule. Although lately, they've been dropping their one nap more than I would like.

Yesterday morning, the girls were awake before 7:00 am. Not just awake but screaming. Em started the ruckus and awakened her sisters. Here's a cute picture of Anna and Allie "napping" before breakfast.

Shortly after this photo was taken, the rechargeable batteries in my speedlight crapped out, which is why there are no other photos. I've gone with the speedlight and there's no turning back. Although, I did take this picture with the D50's flash and it isn't all that bad. Anna was supposed to be modeling her ponies but instead she decided to pull one out.

We had to sign paperwork for our refinance yesterday morning. The attorney was gracious enough to meet us at a nearby Dunkin Donuts. We decided to hit the mall first because the girls really needed to have their feet measured again. They've been wearing the same shoes since last May!!! Well, I think it's May; it could have been June. But still. We did buy those shoes a little bit big to accommodate for growth but still....

So my plan was to arrive in front of Stride Rite right as the doors opened at 10:00. Didn't happen. Two adults had to shower. Three little girls needed to get dressed. One little girl needed to be catheterized. Three little girls needed to have their hair done.

We arrived shortly after 10:00 and the store was packed already. Just our luck. And they only had one guy working the floor. Wouldn't you know that Anna went CRAZY when I took her out of the stroller for the guy to measure her feet. She was screaming and holding her feet up in the air. So the guy gave us an estimate of their shoe size. Same thing for Em. While this was going on, I look over to see Allie in the stroller with her little pouty face, crying. I felt so bad but they were just getting their feet measured. This is exactly what Anna does at all of her doctor appointments. I can see that their two year well baby maybe pediatric appointment is going to be wonderful. Anna's craziness times three!

Their estimated shoe size was 4.5 to 5. Anna has been wearing a size 3.5 and Allie and Em have been wearing a size 4. We ended up purchasing four pairs of shoes. A pair of white ankle shoes and a pair of sneakers for Anna and a pair of white ankle shoes and a pair of play shoes for Em. I already had a size 5 "running" sneaker and a size 5 dress shoe at home. Those are now Allie's. Even though this was a Stride Rite outlet and the shoes are discounted and there was a sale of 50% off every second pair, we paid $90 for those four pairs of shoes. I'm glad I stocked up at that sale in December. Allie is now wearing shoes that I puchased for less than $10 each. The girls are now at the point where they need two pairs of shoes: everyday play shoes and nice shoes.

I had wanted to run into Children's Place to check out their spring sale but alas we were out of time. Again. And then our wonderful parking lot incident occurred. Basically, some woman decided that she needed to park her SUV in the empty spot next to us because apparently she couldn't walk an extra twenty feet. She almost hit the car on the other side of the spot and she obviously didn't care whether she ran over me or the stroller. I made sure to talk very loudly about how rude people can be but she decided to completely ignore me so I left the following note on her car window:

You may want to be more careful parking your SUV next time as there could have been a baby in that stroller. We do have three babies and it takes awhile for two adults to get them into the car.

So, of course, the woman that we were meeting at Dunkin Donuts was late. Really late. We went through a dozen donut holes, sippies of juice and someplace new to look at fairly quickly. By the time we were finished signing all the paperwork, the girls were more than ready to leave. Allie started fussing as we were packing up but that was it. Wouldn't you know that all three fell asleep in the van on the way home. We thought we could catheterize Anna real quick, put them in their cribs and feed them lunch after their nap. Yeah. Right. We left them in there for an hour and a half - they played and chatted but never went back to sleep. Their nap in the car probably lasted for ten minutes.

The rest of the afternoon was to be spent at my brother's house for my niece's birthday party. We had to feed the girls lunch, change their clothes (multiple times) and fix their hair. Needless to say that we left late so I wasn't able to take any pictures of the girls and I didn't want to babysit my camera at the party. Wouldn't you know that the girls took another car nap on the way there. When we arrived at the party, the girls were in a state of shock at first with the new environment but once they found their sea legs, we were on our feet. There were a lot of kids there and doors to the outside were being left open so we had to enlist the help of Grammy, Papa and Aunt Molly to keep an eye on the girls.

The girls were so mad when we left and we left late - just in time to get them home and in bed just after their normal bed time. So now do you see why I was exhausted last night?


Emily and Drew said...

FYI- Children's Place Outlet stores are having huge sales. $1.99 and $2.99 for fleece pullovers, pjs, hats, long sleeve tees, and shoes for $4.99.

Sarah said...

Oh, thanks for the heads up. I need to check that out.