Tuesday, March 31, 2009

9:37 PM

And all three girls are finally sleeping.

It'll have to wait because I'm going to bed as well.


Michele S said...

It's 9:16pm and mine are all sleeping!!!! I just started following your blog last week, and was trying to read everything you've ever written about Anna and her hydrocephalus since I have Austin and he has hydrocephalus, as I'm sure you know if you read my blog! :) So that was me and not some creepy weirdo.

I can't believe you got a CAT scan without sedation. You really ARE a rock star. Austin has been sedated for all of his MRIs. Maybe CAT scans don't take as long?

Our neurosurgeon would never call either. It's the God complex.

"I'm a freaking brain surgeon, why would I call you?"

That's why I take my films and have learned to read them myself. I also get the reports too. Then I drill him while he runs down the hall trying to get rid of me. So don't forget that the films are yours and if you have them on hand, if she's ever showing signs of increased cranial pressure, you can take them with you to the ER and they'll be able to tell immediately if there is a shunt malfunction because they can look at the size of the ventricles before and after.

Okay. Whew. That was a lot. I'll be checking in!!!! She looks great to me! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks, Michelle - I was wondering who that was! We knew about Anna's hydrocephalus in utereo and she had the shunt put in within a week of birth. She was sedated for an MRI when she was 4 months old. The CAT scan didn't take as long and they wanted to try it w/out sedation at first. As long as Anna didn't move, it was superfast - this Xray thing spun around her head once. I think it took longer to set her up on the table.

I've been following Austin's story. He's a tough little guy.